Siwucha Vodka

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Siwucha Vodka / Polmos
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Developed in 1996 by Elzbieta Goldynka of the Zielona Gora distillery, Siwucha is a magnificent Polish rye vodka made and presented in the traditional style with a cork stopper and wax seal. It's aged in oak, aromatised with sloes and a small proportion of unrectified barley spirit is added before bottling.


Siwucha Vodka Reviews

13 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    12 September

    Absolutely brilliant stuff, will buy again

  • 5
    29 November 2018

    The best vodka I have ever tried!

  • Kefir 22 February 2014

    Zajebista !!

  • Farrukh Ismail 12 November 2012

    This is the best vodka. Thanks to Elzbieta Goldynka who produce a traditional Polish drink for us.

  • Stanislaw 15 February 2012

    My best vodka and many of my Canadians friends love it. But it is hard to find.

  • TWE Admin 26 January 2012

    TGee: It is indeed - aged in oak and described as 'aromatised with sloe berries'. I've added that to our description. Thanks!

  • TGee 26 January 2012

    It is slightly flavored with sloe berries, is it not? I got a bottle of this when I was in Poland, and I remember that this is what it said on the label.

  • C.Karinov 23 August 2011

    It's a mixed grain, not pure rye, finished in barrels after distillation. Probably one of my favorites.

  • Anonymous 21 December 2009

    definitely not potatoe... rye

  • krzysztof 19 November 2009

    bardzo dobre

  • VB 10 January 2009

    Just bought a bottle in France and the back label says it different elsewhere?

  • TWE Admin 9 December 2008

    Our information is potato, Christoff, but will look into it - cheers for flagging this up.

  • christoff 8 December 2008

    it is not potato vodka...grain