Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur

50cl / 40%
Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur
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Well-balanced liqueur from the world's No.1 malt whisky. Blended with honey and spices for a soft, alluring liqueur best enjoyed on the rocks. Sadly now discontinued.

Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur Reviews

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  • 5
    1 September

    This is the smoothest liqueur I've ever tasted. Beautiful over ice.

  • 5
    11 July

    Wonderful! I used to bring it back from Canada all the time, then had to order online. Now can't find. Please bring it back!!

  • 5
    13 June

    Truly amazing please please bring back

  • 5
    2 March

    A bottle was found in my father in law's apartment after he passed on. We all got a sip of it and finished it off. It was amazing. Smooth with a hint of sweet. I want it for my home bar.

  • 5
    26 November 2016

    This is the very best liqueur I've ever tasted. I'm not even a whisky drinker but it's so smooth.

  • 5
    28 September 2016

    It is wonderful! I am sad it is discontinued! Please bring it back!

  • 5
    7 July 2016


  • 4
    11 June 2016

    Very nice smooth and not over powering. Good blend with great body.

  • 5
    19 February 2016

    The finest liqueur whisky. Please bring it back!

  • 5
    15 January 2016

    It is truly outstanding. Not too sweet, and rewardingly complex . Truly disappointed that it has been discontinued. Maybe Glenfiddich will reconsider? I am down to the last few drams.

  • 5
    13 August 2015

    Best whisky liqueur you can get, very disappointed its now not available. Our suppliers in New Zealand also say they are amazed its off the market. Bring it back soon.

  • 5
    25 April 2015

    Excellent. The best whisky liqueur

  • 4
    20 September 2014

    This is better than "Grand Marnier" Why has it been discontinued?? Maybe England should cultivate it's own Whiskey industry! It has the same grains.

  • Robert munro 27 June 2013

    Hi, I am also disappointed that it has been discontinued . I live in bunbury Australia . I have just returned from Scotland , done a few distillery s , great, weather was great etc. I was informed that the reason why our great liqueur was discontinued, was that it clogged up the pipes and cost to much down time. Personally I think that if they increased the price of this product by say 30 -49% and make it 750 mm I would still buy 10 bottles

  • TWE Admin 22 April 2013

    @Carole It wouldn't of been a mistake. Rather, the email would be sent to everyone that was waiting for stock. According to our system, this came back in and sold out again very quickly. If you re-subscribe to the list then we will email you again if we get some more.

  • Carole Sears 20 April 2013

    You sent me an email 1 day ago telling me Glenn Fiddich whiskey liqueur was now available again yet when I click on your link it says it's out of stock! Is this a mistake?

  • Anonymous 6 March 2013

    this is a great product im disappointed it is not available

  • Robert Munro 5 March 2013

    I am of the same opinion as you guys that this whiskey is missed, but I do think that lochanora from Chivas is a close 2nd

  • RovanVel 24 December 2012

    What an unbelievable Christmas present!! I just located 8 more bottles, bought them all in an instant. It is truly an enjoyable drink that anyone would enjoy. Really hope this comes back before I'm through with my stock.

  • Daniel PE 10 November 2012

    I bought the last 2 bottles I could find - Port Elizabeth, South Africa now out of stock. Pleeeeeaaaaaase bring it back!!!!

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