Irish Mist Liqueur

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Irish Mist Liqueur
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Blended with Irish whiskey flavoured with honey and aromatic spices, Irish Mist is a liqueur with a devoted following.

Irish Mist Liqueur Reviews

53 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    27 October

    First introduced to Irish mist after a 7 hour walk in the pouring rain in Glenmalure about 15 years ago. Have long since forgotten the walk but not the sublime evening enjoying this wonderful liqueur - heaven! Like everyone else I'd like the old bottle back and more availability.

  • 2
    11 August

    Love the original irish mist the flavour is not what it was before hand, bring back the original irish mist and to top it of, the original bottle was a great presentation

  • 5
    27 July

    My boyfriend now husband introduced me to Irish Mist 44 years ago I'm still drinking it to this day.

  • 5
    5 March

    We miss it in Australia since it was brought out by the Campari company and they no longer export it here. I will be ordering a crate from you soon.

  • 5
    11 January

    All the relatives loved the smoothness of it this Christmas, Ready to replenish my stock.

  • 5
    14 December 2015

    Absolutely beautiful! tastes great in tea with lemon too!

  • 5
    7 October 2015

    I traveled to both Ireland and Scotland and "tasted" my share of whiskeys in both country. I love Irish Mist. It goes down so smoothly and tastes like a warm fire on a cold winter''s night.

  • 5
    17 September 2015

    Beautifully smooth. Finally found a tipple i can enjoy without the headache!

  • 3
    24 July 2015

    With the change to a generic bottle several years ago (5?) , the taste is different... just compared the two- not the same!

  • 5
    1 June 2015


  • 5
    26 April 2015

    When in Rome!! Delicious!

  • 5
    8 January 2015

    It is absolutelly marvellous. Sweet and strong but no alcohol taste. Helps to think and dream, most if you drink it alone and carefully. I met Irish Mist some 50 years ago in Dublin, when I brought a bottle to my father, as a present. Since then, in my family home we always had a bottle of this marvel liqueur It is a pity there are only five stars for rating it I can only say if you try it, you will never forget it

  • 5
    7 January 2015

    Discovered this on my motorbike trip to Ireland last year. Decided to try some of the local whisky. Had a few different ones, but Irish Mist was the best by far. Best drink i have ever had. Shame they don''t sell it in bars in England.

  • 5
    28 December 2014

    Irish coffee on Christmas morning was the tradition in our house when I was growing up and this year it was my turn to host my parents for Christmas lunch. Mum made her now famous coffee, with her secret ingredient - Irish Mist and for the first time in over three years I sipped my glass of alcohol. Pure joy! I have never tasted anything so smooth and warming as this stuff and I''m now well and truly hooked. Nothing nicer on a cold winters night, warms the cockles! And I''m now the proud owner of a beautiful decanter too - thanks to my Mum!!

  • 5
    22 December 2014

    had a glass one very frosty evening about 15 years ago at a friends house when we were going to the works party we didn''t need lights on the bus we were glowing drunk it many times since and still enjoy it. smooth and warming

  • 5
    19 December 2014

    Nectar! When in law school at night we used to have a few pints after class at in Irish bar in Detroit''s greektown and finish off the evening with a shot of Irish Mist. That was 30 years ago. Tonight at our firm Christmas party I asked if they had Irish Mist and was offered Irish Mist Honey. I can''t believe what I have been missing all these years. Sipping it neat was a delight. What a way to finish off the evening. It will be a regular once again.

  • 5
    9 December 2014

    "Nectar of the gods" and that to be sure! I first tasted it in the late fifties when my father brought some home from Eire. It cured a sore throat better than Gees Linctus and put a smile on my face even with a temperature of 102.

  • 5
    17 November 2014

    Its the juice from heaven a little ice if you choose no mixer just neat DON''T DOWN IT the drink must be savoured and appreciated around an open fire makes it an even better experience

  • 4
    17 November 2014

    I drink Irish Mist only but I live here in County Cavan Ireland and am unable to get a bottle, tried all the various outlets but to no avail.

  • 5
    11 September 2014

    I bought this about 15-20 years ago whilst in Ireland, for my late father. Had about a third of the bottle left, hidden away in the back of my parents' drinks cabinet. Recently, had my newly-we'd cousin over and her husband asked if we had any liqueur. The past 4 days have been a treat, taking this wonderfully, smooth liqueur after our a meal. Please bring back the glass blown bottle. Just as you need the savour the mellowness of this liqueur in a crystal glass, so should it be poured from a beautifully packed bottle.

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