Penderyn Madeira Finish

70cl / 46%
  • Single Malt Welsh Whisky
Penderyn Madeira Finish
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Penderyn is a Welsh whisky distilled once in a unique Faraday copper still with an added purifier and rectification column and, after a spell in bourbon barrels, is finished in Madeira casks for extra smoothness. Launched in 2004, Penderyn has built on its early promise and really carved a niche for itself.

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Madeira Finish
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Penderyn Madeira Finish Reviews

64 Customer Reviews

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  • 2
    29 May

    A forgettable whisky. It has a fruity palate and short finish. There are much better whiskies out there at the same price.

  • 1
    4 May

    One of the worst whiskies I have ever tasted. This burns all the way down.

  • 5
    24 November 2018

    I'm hardly a whisky expert but I have been trying to get a whisky I like for ages. Obviously I've tried the normal go-tos like Jack Daniels and stuff but I'm not a fan. I can drink them with Coke and that but only if I've ran out of other drinks. This however is actually very smooth and I can drink it on its own, not to bad just with ice too. Unlike most high % drinks it doesn't leave you with your nostrils catching fire.

  • 4
    13 November 2018

    Bought for a Christmas present, bottle looks beautiful, well presented.

  • 5
    20 October 2018

    Absolutely beautiful whiskey.

  • 5
    11 October 2018

    Yes I've tried it and like it

  • 5
    3 October 2018

    For me: silky smooth, wonderful nose full of fruit and raisins, so completely different from the peaty single malts and such a genuinely welcomed surprise. I’m hooked. Splendid. Diolch!

  • 5
    16 August 2018

    Superb. Absolutely love this... Was pleasantly surprised.

  • 2
    5 August 2018

    Rather raw this whisky, like most of Penderyn's. Their whiskies seem a bit on the young side. This one lack any real depth of flavour. It is bland. Not worth the money. There are far better whiskies out there for a lot cheaper.

  • 4
    30 July 2018

    Very fruit forward without the loss of the Scotch flavor. More subtle than similar single malts like Glenmorangie.

  • 5
    21 July 2018

    Very smooth. What’s Welsh for whisky?

  • 5
    12 July 2018

    I went on the Penderyn Master Class and tried the range. This is their flagship edition and is stunning. It needs a little water to release the sweet citrus and the bottle is a stunning design. A great whisky representing a fine business.

  • 5
    29 May 2018

    What a lovely dram! Really gives the scotch single malts I usually drink a run! .can defiantly taste the rasin in there and the combination of the bourbon and then Madeira really help to make this a cracking whiskey!

  • 5
    1 May 2018

    I love smooth sweet whiskey like Glenfiddich 15. After being bought a bottle of this from a dear friend it is now my favourate!!! It has a lovely almost Cherry flavour in the middle and its so so smooth. Highly recommended if you ptefer sweet ratger than smokey.

  • 5
    29 April 2018

    Beautiful buttered toast front with subtle honey raisin mid and dry finish with lingering fruitcake resin. Omg. So good

  • 5
    28 April 2018

    I was given this as a 60th birthday present. I usually go for only Islay whiskies with an occasional forays into Speyside. So this came as a complete surprise. Light , subtle, full of summery flavours . A sweet but not overpoweringly so aftertaste that is nothing like the Southern Comfort alluded to by a previous reviewer. In a its slow reveal complexity it reminds me of standard Finlaggan without the peat . Bill Size's description is spot on. I have tried Celt since and that has its moments too.

  • 5
    16 March 2018

    Has to be considered a worthy alternative to Scotch. I thoroughly enjoyed the first taste I had. Very surprised. I will definitely keep one of these in my collection.

  • 1
    27 February 2018

    Just had a dram. Not my kind of whisky. Very strong on the nose. Tastes of a sort chemical personally speaking.

  • 5
    22 February 2018

    I comes in an elegant bottle with two external ribs in the moulding - Cool !! But what is the whisky itself like ? Well, not like any of the Scottish malts I normally drink, but very nice indeed. Pale in colour and brain-damagingly strong, (46 % ABV), I give it five. I take it neat in small quantities, of course. If you want to take more just have a point of lager alongside to cool it off !

  • 4
    10 February 2018

    For me, this is one of my favourites. Personally I don't taste notes of banana, rum, raisins and toffee like Bill Sze does. Nor do I taste paint stripper like Chris Child did. But I'm no expert. I just taste a very fine,relatively young whisky with a strong madeira finish The madeira finish is especially present in the aftertaste. This works for me ;-) But in the end, it all comes down to personal taste. If you can, try before you buy. It's always worth to visit some Whisky tastings in your area.

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