Whyte & Mackay Special

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Whyte & Mackay Special
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Whyte & Mackay's big-selling entry-level blended whisky. High quality and a great way to start working your way up through the rest of their range.

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    23 October 2015

    Horrid. This whiskey is so close to cheap brandy you wouldn''t know the difference! Don''t get me wrong, I finished it (because I like brandy too) but definitely would not buy again. I had it a couple of times with Coke and it still tasted awful, so not sure how else it can be enjoyed? I read a lot of reviews of whiskey but have never seen such a contrast of views? Maybe beat just to say ''each to their own''?

  • 3
    1 March 2015

    Definitely grows on you. Nice and peppery.

  • 4
    26 January 2015

    I have just tried it & I find it quite smooth.Alcohol is a very personal taste. I like it- Bonus :- Cheap to buy a litre .

  • 3
    14 September 2014

    Not as bad as people say but doesn't set the heather on fire either. Nose: Vanilla,dark fruits and digestive biscuits. Palate:Highland toffee,raisins,orange peel,bitter chocolate and heather honey. Finish: Medium length, black pepper and icing sugar.

  • 4 May 2014

    Excellent as a chaser as it has a full flavour and works well with beer.There are many imperfections but it certainly has a unique character. I agree, the 13 year old is well worth the extra few pounds especially if you drink it without mixers.

  • 1 April 2014

    This is one of the best whiskys at the price. I would take no notice of the low marks some people give it.

  • 19 March 2014

    Received a 1L bottle with IWSC GOLD 2013 award on the label. I find it really smooth, honeyed and a long after taste. No burn at all. In fact quite exceptional for a blend, which I have drunk with just a drop of water (I normally only drink malts with a little water). Perhaps I am not reviewing the same product!?

  • 15 May 2013

    A fantastic whiskey at the price! Thank goodness our tastes are differ.

  • 29 April 2013

    This must be the most unpleasant nose I have encountered in a whisky and it tastes like burnt sugar. It's quite rough really and burns in your belly like nothing else. I'm glad I tried it but it's not one I would purchase again or recommend. I have more than 40 different bottles open at the moment and this is my least favourite so I will save it for guests to mix with ice and coke. The 13yr is actually very pleasant though and well worth an extra fiver.

  • 9 December 2012

    Really very intersting stuff,in the winter, you will feel like fire all around.full of fun.

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