Whyte & Mackay 40 Year Old

70cl / 45%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Whyte & Mackay 40 Year Old
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From the press release: The Whyte & Mackay 40 Year Old is one of the four whiskies Whyte and Mackay Ltd. are proud to include in their Rare and Prestigious Collection. This is a blended Scotch whisky drawn from stocks created and filled to cask on the 16th of June 1966. Founded on the docks of Glasgow in 1844, Whyte & Mackay has remained true to itself and its founders James Whyte and Charles Mackay’s pioneering spirit. While most distillers will settle for one maturation, Whyte & Mackay whisky is double matured to ensure a beautifully balanced blend. This rare, 40 year old masterpiece is dedicated the memory of John MacIlraith, former Managing Director of Whyte & Mackay. On the death of our founding fathers, MacIlraith took control of the Company in 1921 which he loyally served for an incredible 70 years. It is with this in mind that we have created a very high malt content blend – 70% malt to 30% grain – to deliver maximum balance and richness and is the exact opposite ratio to more mainstream offers. Picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

Rare & Prestigious Collection
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Whyte & Mackay 40 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Charles MacLean

    Appearance: Deep amber

    Aroma: (straight) Mellow. Immediately rich, sweet and sherried. Faintly oily (teak oil), gradually opens and becomes more aromatic: brambles, brown bananas, polished leather, wet chamoix leather, moist molasses sugar.

    Reduced (@40%) A tea-spoon of water enhances the polished leather notes, introducing furniture polish, boat varnish and natural turpentine. Some stewed apples; a trace of vanilla. If anything a dash of water increases richness, but if too much is added, it dies.

    Flavour: (straight) Sweet start; mouth-drying overall. Brown sugar, cedar wood. Long finish. Sandalwood in the aftertaste. Lingering, pleasant. Drinks well straight.

    Reduced (@ 40%) Sweetish; smooth mouthfeel. Slightly astringent and tannic in the finish. Milder than the nose would promise. Mellow and still fruity (apples now stewed plums!), but dominated by fragrant wood. Long-lingering fruity/woody aftertaste.

    Comment: A most distinguished whisky. Rich and mellow, but not flat. Should be appreciated like old cognac.

  • Tasting Notes by Ian Wisniewski

    Nose: Toffee, fudge, butterscotch lead to lemon curd notes with citrus zest freshness, then vanilla richness.

    Palate: Rounded, luscious and with body, opening up with orange marmalade, mellow spices, toffee, fudge, citrus zest, lemon curd and orange notes, with a hint of toastiness.

    Finish: Rich maltiness with a toasty hint, and fruity dryness.

  • Tasting Notes by Dave Broom

    Colour: Amber with copper glints

    Nose: Luscious and deep.  Melted chocolate and dried fruit (sultana/fig roll/prune) as well as ginger in syrup and a hint of cedar. Dried mint, smoke and some charred oak, baked apple. In time, fragrant top notes emerge. Pot pourri. Elegant.

    Palate: Tongue-coating, allowing a slow release of flavours. Light spices and a gentle grip. There’s vanilla with cinnamon, camomile, oolong tea. Seamless and smooth. Fantastic balance.

    Finish: Clean. Touch of vanilla then syrup. Long and complex with a lavender-scented farewell.

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Colour - Intense deep mahogany with amber highlights.

    Nose – With a majestic 70% malt content there is adequate structure and backbone from the Highlands to make their immediate presence felt. Warm distinguished aromas of chocolate cake and thick vanilla toffee with hints of aged American White oak and sherry. Thanks to the finest Gonzalez Byass ‘Amoroso’ sherry butts this happy union is complete.

    Taste - Spicy orange liquorice and crushed fleshy peaches roll onto the tongue. The aftertaste of Java coffee and bitter almond chocolate then continues to unfold.

    [These tasting notes are by Richard Paterson, Master Blender]

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  • saha 31 August 2011

    nice,very nice indeed...there is every reason for this one to be the champ