Bruadar Liqueur

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Bruadar Liqueur
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Bruadar is a liqueur (formerly known as Scottish Highland) made with malt whisky, honey and sloe berries. Not too sticky.

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  • 5
    3 October

    This drink is like a warm room, comfortable armchair and lots of cushions on a bad winters night. Mmm mmm

  • 5
    29 September

    The Bruardar Liqueur has a smooth, lightly sweet flavor. It’s a nice after dinner drink. Since we were shipping it overseas, we ordered five bottles and will give a couple as gifts. I love this!

  • 5
    18 September

    My wife and I were introduced to Bruadar on a recent trip from the US to Scotland. While in Edinburgh, we sampled the liqueur and enjoyed it very much. Once we returned home, we were delighted to discover that we can purchase Bruadar through the Whisky Exchange. We certainly will be repeat customers.

  • 5
    12 September

    It is fabulous

  • 5
    12 September

    Beautiful products, first tried this at Edinburgh castle and fell in love with it

  • 5
    8 September

    I tried this once at Chatsworth ten years ago. Unfortunately I forgot the name of it, searched for it ever since and found it last weekend; I was so happy! I bought two bottles, one bottle gone. Here I am ordering more. It's heaven in a glass. I absolutely love this.

  • 5
    4 September

    Beautifully smooth, not too sweet. A bottle of gorgeousness x

  • 5
    1 September

    Quite simply, the most stunning whisky liqueur drink out there. So drinkable that a single bottle disappears in no time... Utterly sublime. The sloe berries and honey remove the harshness of the whisky to leave heaven on your palate. Buy it and try it. You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    27 August

    I have bought this in Scotland – highly recommend this liqueur. Very smooth and moreish.

  • 5
    19 August

    Love this – not really a whiskey drinker but this is lush.

  • 2
    16 August

    My husband and I find it very wishy washy. I tasted it and bought it at a foodie event as thought it was lovely but after trying it at home it feels very insipid. Watered down honey and a touch of whisky is main flavour. Wouldn’t buy again.

  • 5
    15 August

    Yes love it want to order more

  • 5
    5 August

    I had a small miniature from a friend. I'm getting myself a big bottle.

  • 1
    31 July

    It gets ONE STAR only because that is the lowest possible. It should get a NEGATIVE SCORE. NO Scotch taste what so ever. Very Heavy syrupy feel in the mouth from excessive amount of honey.

  • 2
    30 July

    Way too sweet for both myself and friend who shared shipment. Giving away to person who recommended it.

  • 5
    27 July

    This is such a smooth drink with just the right amount of honey.

  • 5
    21 July

    This beverage is so smooth and goes down so well, one has to be careful it doesn't sneak up on one. An utter delight to drink...

  • 5
    7 July

    Wow! Just wow! I bought a sample at Stirling Castle and unfortunately waited until I got home to the states to try it. It was THE SMOOTHEST of whiskies I have ever tried! I HAD to order a bottle. My order was placed the day before Trump placed a tariff on Scottish whisked. I paid the ungodly amount to get my bottle. It arrived within a week. I have given EVERYONE a sample and now they are hooked as well. Bring Bruadar to the states... PLEASE!!!!

  • 1
    1 July

    Too sweet. Fortunately I had only a nip and couldn't even finish it. Down the drain.

  • 5
    26 June

    This is such a magical drink, the whisky is so warming and complemented by the lingering sweetness of the honey and underlying herbaciousness.

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