Green Island Superior Light Rum

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Green Island Superior Light Rum
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A terrific molasses-based Mauritian rum, Green Island is packed with flavour, which is no surprise when you consider that this is actually blended using 3-5yo rums. The golden colour of the aged rum is removed via charcoal filtration, which also gives the rum its creamy texture. Yummy!

Green Island Superior Light Rum Reviews

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  • 5
    23 June

    probably the best white rum in the world

  • 5
    17 June 2016

    This rum is out of this world it stands up there with the best if not on the shoulders of the best -time to give you favourite favourites the boot

  • 5
    11 March 2015

    This product is a great mixer, really brings forth flavours of any citrus and herbs. Some recipes are available to mix spices, ginger and vanilla twigs and leave under the bed for 2 months.

  • Anonymous 11 May 2014

    I`ve tasted many Rums from aroud the world and you can`t beat the good old Green Island. Taste of Paradise indeed Alan Honiss 11/05/14

  • Roubesh 15 December 2010

    I have been trying this rum and i cannot forget the taste. Mix with Sprite, Ice and Lime...wait 5 mins then enjoy

  • Anonymous 26 November 2010

    This is probably the best white rum in the world. It is packed with flavours. Best to try it neat first then go on to make your Cuba Libre or Mojito. You will soon discover how cheap Bacardi rum is. Mike

  • Tony 8 September 2010

    My dad went on holiday to Mauritius in 1978 and brought a case of this rum home. I remember drinking much of it over the xmas that year but never having a hang over. Perfection bottled.

  • Anonymous 3 August 2009

    this is disgusting, sweet, overpriced, didn't like it at all

  • Erwin 4 January 2009

    The best rum there is and I drink it every day!!! Mixed with coke or fresh lemon juice. Note that I pay RS. 120 a bottle which is 3 pounds (not even) and what we say in Mauritius: A bottle of Green Island a day keeps the doctor away!Cheers I have one more

  • Amz 13 November 2008


  • Anonymous 4 November 2008

    What a superb product. Tasted this earlier this year at the SLTN hospitality show, its been hard trying to find a supplier, n here is one now!

  • Guicciardi Gianni 16 September 2008

    the best

  • Dave W 2 June 2008

    I bought a case of this in the early 90's and have been slowly drinking it. It is very smooth and has a unique flavour that intrigues my guests at dinner parties. I serve it as a cocktail Green Island Tea! I am now coming to the last bottle and looking for a new supplier as my friend stopped importing many years ago. So a new order soon! Strongly recommended