Macallan Amber Liqueur

75cl / 25%
  • Single Malt Whisky Liqueur
Macallan Amber Liqueur
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We've managed to find a small parcel of Macallan's short-lived Amber whisky based liqueur, which was discontinued some time back despite winning more than one award in its brief lifetime. Flavoured with pecan and maple syrup, this is a treat for the sweet-tooths among you.

Macallan Amber Liqueur Reviews

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  • 5
    26 January

    So many layers of wonderful.

  • 5
    14 December 2016

    Why on earth is this not available anymore!!! Five stars. Revelstoke pecan closest product but not the same. (not sure if one word or two).

  • 5
    9 May 2016

    When my wife and I found this in 2010 we continued to buy and finish several bottles at a time. It was a delicious drink after dinner and cold rainy days. When it began to increase in price I purchased 12 bottles of which I still have 6. We'll drink them at our grand boys wedding, I hope.

  • 5
    22 December 2015

    Absolutely wonderful. What a pity it's no longer made.

  • 5
    6 October 2014

    I'm so glad to buyed two years ago four bottles. Now I still have two and a half (

  • 4
    23 June 2014

    generally i don't like liquers but Amber is special and i serve it at dinner parties and it has been a hit. The first time i picked this up was at the Macallan Visitor center in 2010. Now its a rarity and i am down to my last 2 bottles.

  • Anonymous 15 July 2013

    Fantastic drink, masivly sweet if you like sweet drinks this is the one for you, the pecan taste hits you like a train, am glad i got 8 more bottle left :-) as there all sold now

  • Stephen 20 February 2013

    In the film Scrooge (1970, Albert Finney) - this is what the Ghost of Christmas present refers to as the "milk of human kindness"!

  • Anonymous 16 December 2012

    This is a fantastic liqueur. i stick a drop in the bottom of my hip flask top it up with various malt whisky and share while watching the local rugby team. All the guys love it.

  • jordan derringer 12 July 2012

    after reading the reveiws from people around the world , and those countrys sold out . i was able to grab 3 bottles of the dying stock..... i have to say , i wasn,t disserpointed. sweet is a understatment. the honey is smooth and the pecan is punchy with an amazingly long after taste exceeding my hang over . in short ..its on parr with frangelico = best liqueur - value for money. if you are lucky to get this bottle to drink , then i,ll say sweet dreams .

  • DB Smith 24 January 2012

    So we thought that our whisky liqueur experience had peaked with the Old Pultney, Lochan Ora and New JD. Well that was until we tried this, maple, pecan it's superb. A cut above all else. Buy while you can!

  • Doc 7 September 2011

    get it if you can very great and special and now very rare

  • Anonymous 4 August 2011

    Bought this lovely little drop a few years ago on holiday, its one of the finest liquer whiskey's I have ever tasted. Can't buy in Australia but luckily found The Whiskey Exchange.

  • Melissa 7 July 2011

    I absolutely love this. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth. I'm planning to try it with pancakes or waffles! Fantastic stuff. Wish it wasn't discontinued.

  • Anonymous 13 June 2011

    amber is amazing , not being a whisky drinker myself my husband is dismayed that i have taken a great love of it

  • Anonymous 17 January 2011

    first tasted this at the famous grouse factory in scotland cant get enough of it.only my wife has cottened on now so it dont last as long..will soon be bying much more ...luv it...

  • Jim from Glasgow 12 October 2010

    Would you believe my wife worked for Macallan. Amber was on the staff price list until 3 months ago. She told me there was plenty and no need to order any until I ran out. Now, guess what, they ran out and she has now left the company. Down to my last 2 cases. boo hoo . I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 23 September 2010


  • Dan - Mountain West USA 27 June 2010

    Found several bottles in the SF Bay area last December (2009). Mostly in the San Mateo and South San Francisco area. Try some of the out of the way liquor stores (like I did). You might get lucky. I sure did, bought all 4 bottles that I could find. Still have 3 left, savoring every drop.

  • Anonymous 18 April 2010

    lo probe hoy, y es una deliciaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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