Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra
Batch 1007D

70cl / 57.7%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra / Batch 1007D
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Customer Rating

A really superb Glenlivet, the best we've had in this price range for a long time. Delicious shortbread nose, with white chocolate and dollops of natural caramel. The palate is a delight, with patisserie, ginger, pepper and cocoa notes. Fabulous.

Distillery Bottling
16 Year Old
Bottling Date
Oct 2007
Chill Filtered

Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra Reviews

20 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    24 January 2015

    amazing! Loved it.

  • Nigel Arthur Battley 11 March 2014

    For the price this is an outstanding Malt. I take on board the suggestions of 5ml (or as taste likes) of water. My favourite way to accommodate this suggestion is with the use of an ice cube, the best way is to make the ice from bottled water, preferably highland, water from the same region! More than a single measure otherwise the water (melting ice) will wash away the flavour. Drink slowly over the ice, and top up if becomes too watered. Then don't drive!

  • Mike Thompson 3 August 2011

    Add one teaspoon (5ml) of water to one measure for the Glenlivet Distillery recommended blend. The water releases the flavours giving you the full taste. If pre-watered down the flavours lose their strength over time.

  • Mike W 22 May 2011

    I had really high hopes for this but I was disappointed. Too much chill-filtering going on generally but this is not what you want as an example. Far from rich, this was just sharp. It claws. Without the drop of water it's just unpalatable. Best Glenlivet IMHO is the 1995 15yr old non-chillfiltered on the left there. I would encourage you all to have a dabble on Tomintoul, the 14yr non-chilfiltered is a marvellous dram!

  • amit ashar 11 April 2011

    absolutely delicious !! love it. ...sure is the best in this price range! Its a taste i havent forgotten!

  • DK OZ 16 July 2010

    If you add just a tiny bit of pure water to the glass you will allow much more flavour to be released as you cannot taste up to this, high level of alcohol. This is a fabulous whiskey that is substantially better than many over twice the price. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • Anonymous 27 March 2010

    mmm thats right....

  • trevor ross 23 January 2010

    A lovely golden colour and lush cream soda

  • Ian 10 December 2009

    After tasting in Scotland, I am spoiled by it's smooth and delicious taste. It is very potent but at home, that is alright once in a while. Another good choice is Johnnie Walker Green Label, a bit gentler but also something to be savored with friends and family.

  • aussi_sheragh 12 October 2009

    I tasted the 48% edition and it was a bit too bourbonny for me. I could not feel any white chocolat there neither. I'd describe it as a more rounded 12yo with lesser fruit aromas. It is elegant but a bit bland for me. Maybe the 58% edition is better?

  • rico 9 October 2009

    The retail travel edition is bottled at the strength of 48% ABV. But still is non-chill filtered:)

  • Anonymous 6 October 2009

    Very Smooth Bob

  • rico 5 October 2009

    Guys, this is a masterpiece comparable at this price range only with the Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or:)

  • Darren 18 August 2009

    I like to pour this whisky and let it stand for a while before drinking it. Another great whisky from Glenlivet which I'm sure I will be buying this one again.

  • James Saxon 21 May 2009

    Such rave reviews - and I'll have to wait to place my own for the one in the drinks cabinet, I discovered on closer inspection of the label, was bottled in Oct. 2007 - the month my love of whisky began with a visit to Glenlivet. It's the first in my collection, then! Whisky drinkers can be quite sentimental, can't they?

  • Mike 21 April 2009

    The alcohol content was of no concern to me. The pallet was superb and it was so smooth. Definately one to be savoured and sipped slowly. Enjoy every moment of it, I do and will when I purchase yet another bottle.

  • Anonymous 27 February 2009

    57.7 alcohol to be exact!

  • Yankel Feferkorn 31 January 2009

    A great whiskey even for a beginner like me. In my opinion its better than many 18 years whiskeys. Plus theres the 60% alcohol which you dont feel in the taste. THIS IS A MUST!!!!

  • Joseph Johnson 23 January 2009

    I normally partake of the 12 year old Glenlivet,a friend "ruined" my savings account when he poured me a double dram of this beauty..I surrendered gladly!

  • Tomi 13 May 2008

    Good stuff