Ballantine's 30 Year Old

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Ballantine's 30 Year Old
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Customer Rating
Quite simply, a magnificent whisky. At the International Spirits Challenge, Ballantine's 30yrs won a Gold Medal, an ISC Trophy (the second in four years) and was named as Category Champion for Blended Scotch Whisky. A masterpiece of blending.
30 Year Old

Ballantine's 30 Year Old Reviews

13 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    1 December 2016

    Wow. Just spectacular. Unctuous and viscous like no other blended scotch. Layers of fruit and spice. Is it two times as good as a Blue Label? Yes without a shadow of a doubt.

  • 5
    18 February 2015

    Best stuff on the market

  • Wes Pruett, Santa Fe, USA 12 Dec 2013 13 December 2013

    An absolute ACE! Period. Can't wait to explore more from the vault of this house.

  • cwross48, stateside 8 May 2012

    As fine as this is... it is almost too fine if you want to smell, taste and experience scotch whisky. Ballantine's 17-year is much more affordable, drinkable and never lets you forget what you have been drinking. The 30-year looks good on the shelf... the 17-year looks best in the glass in front of you.

  • Ronnie 11 March 2012

    This is the Ferrari of whiskys..ive had a lot of old whiskys and i mean a lot but nothing comes close this one. People that dont think its smooth must be used to drinking water not alcohol. Though i must say that after the 5th bottle in ten years.. i wont be opening a new one anytime soon lol.

  • Saha 29 October 2011

    Those who say Chivas Royal Salute is better than this...they know nuts about whisky. This is the best of the best in its category, there is least doubt about that,

  • Anonymous 22 December 2010

    Not what I was expecting from whisky aged 30y. Still long way to go. Chivas Royal Solute 21y much smoother, mellow and rich! Not worth the money I would say. Best ever Ballantines blend for me is the 21 year old. Fruitier and long finish.

  • collector 28 July 2010

    got one of theese in my possesion and ill look forward tasting this beauty!

  • Guy with the rich dads daughter 27 April 2010

    Well Dad....I've got a few in me and I say its time we do this. Out front of the Old Shanty, High Noon, See you there. Hope yer Colt is runnin smooth, cuz I know mine is.

  • Rich Dad 18 January 2010

    This is to the poster above - I AM the very rich dad of your ex, and I WILL be prying my bottle back out of your cold dead hands very soon.:-)

  • Sy2pie 29 July 2008

    my ex gf got me this after stealing it from her very rich dad. He would have to pry this bottle out of my cold dead hand to get it from me, its such an amazingly complex yet subtle whisky! Just by its smell you can tell it was made with the greatest care

  • Konstantin. 29 July 2008

    I am 65 years old and have tasted a lot of different whiskies in my time, some more expensive, some not. NOT ONE came close to the quality of this Ballantine's, NONE! The best I've ever had.

  • BOBS 19 February 2008