Old Pulteney Liqueur

50cl / 28%
Old Pulteney Liqueur
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A liqueur made with whisky from Old Pulteney, a great Highland distillery. The strength is high enough to suggest that this shouldn't be too sickly.

Old Pulteney Liqueur Reviews

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  • Anonymous 28 April 2013

    you have to drink this with great care, just to be sure your tongue doesnt slap your brains out.

  • Anonymous 1 August 2012

    always in my hip-flask at weddings mixed with the Old Pultney 12yo. My favourite rusty nail.

  • DB Smith 24 January 2012

    My wife, who has tried around 20 Whisky liqueurs considers this a favourite. Mostly because it's not too sweet and you can still taste the whisky.

  • Anonymous 24 August 2011

    Not a whisky drinker but love this either over ice or with fresh orange and lots of ice, just perfect.

  • David Wallace 12 February 2011

    Tried it lasy year in our hotel in Castletown. normally drink Wallace Whisky but this is just as good. Very highly recommended for whisky and non-whisky drinkers alike.

  • Anonymous 24 December 2010

    tried this today, my girlfriend has one for my xmas prezzy :Pextremely satisfying, smooth, sticky and sweet. a tiny burn, which makes it perfect for beginners! personally i think comparing it to tia maria is sacrilege but there you go...

  • P Henderson 1 December 2010

    I tried this after a visit last year to relatives in Wick. Its gorgeous and is now a firm favorite in our house and a regular gift for friends.

  • Anonymous 6 November 2010

    never keen on whisky but after trying this lastyear at the distilery itself, i love it if you like tia maria etc you're love this

  • Sue Marshall 31 October 2010

    This is the way for non whisky drinkers to LOVE whisky. Try it. You will not be disappointed

  • Rikki Smith 2 March 2010

    Xmas pudding flavours, it is sticky but nice for an after dinner drink.