Sagatiba Preciosa Cachaca

70cl / 42%
Distilled in 1982 (although obviously not by Sagatiba themselves), this stock was left to mature in very old limousin oak cognac casks for over 20 years. Sagatiba Preciosa received 96/100 from the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago, putting it in their 'Superlative' category, a standard which only 25 other world spirits have reached.

Sagatiba Preciosa Cachaca Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes from Beverage Tasting Institute (Chicago)

    Roasted coconut, dried plum and raisin aroma, as well as a special touch of honey and vanilla. Its subtle and rich initial flavor leads to an impeccable almost dry taste, from medium to full-bodied.

    Flavours of honey and cream, raisins and delicate condiments announce a lasting impression of creamy vanilla, honey and condiment – an elegant aged sugar cane spirit, with perfect balance, strength and charm. 96 points

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  • saha 6 May 2011

    no doubt this is a good drink but to me seems not to that extent of being in the superlative categorey...@ this hefty price one can find further better ones,