Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac
Black Pearl Magnum

150cl / 40%
Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac / Black Pearl / Magnum
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Louis XIII Black Pearl is flamboyant and elusive, transcending time with a glamorous design combining classicism and modernity.
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Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Using only grapes from the Grande Champagne area (which produces the finest cognacs) in the heart of the Cognac region, 100 year old Louis XIII has been carefully tended by four generations of Cellar Masters. The result is a sublime blend of flavours, from passion fruit and honeysuckle to aromatic nutmeg and ginger.

10 Customer Reviews

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  • Tarkington 14 March 2010

    This drink is incredible,Just came into enough money to buy my own; and be buying more! :)

  • Remy Martin 1 January 2010

    This is for people with sophisticated taste and money , I have tasted this and it is good. Ask JD singh .

  • Jack 25 December 2009

    OK I know you all think its rediculous to spend this kind of money on booze, BUT King Louis as it is called in the vernacular has a taste all to its own, its so smooth its incredible, it goes down like no other liquor and is just another difference between people who make big money and those who dont

  • Anonymous 7 October 2009

    Look guys, seriously, don't knock it until you've tried it, this stuff is absolutely outstanding. But... it's even better with a little splash of coke... then, you are really tasting heaven.

  • Caleb 23 September 2009

    I have tasted both Louis XIII and Richard Hennesy before and I feel very lucky to have done so and there is a reason these cognacs cost as much as they do and as far as this one goes you would have to be insane to every open such a piece of art

  • Anonymous 25 May 2009

    louis xiii is a perfect cognac.

  • Warren Buffett 17 December 2008

    bought a jeroboam of this a week or two back (apparently one of three) ever made hence the six figure price tag. Thought it was worth every drop.

  • Anonymous 2 December 2008

    this has to be the finest brandy in the world well worth buying

  • Obama 15 November 2008

    awesome... hehe

  • dave 14 October 2008

    not half bad....