Lp1 - Elements of Islay

50cl / 58.8%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Speciality Drinks Ltd
Lp1 - Elements of Islay
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A coalsmokey Southern Islay malt from a distillery with many friends. Exuberant, up-front bonfire character, with citrus and brown sugar notes - this is a must for peatheads.
Speciality Drinks Ltd
Elements of Islay

Lp1 - Elements of Islay Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

    Nice bottle with a trendy minimalist/chemical design.

    Colour: straw.

    Nose: less extreme, a little more on wood smoke and antiseptic at first nosing, with also a little more fruits (mostly ripe apples) but gets then almost as smoky, sooty and tarry as the ‘As we get it’. Very similar as a matter of fact. [Editor's note: AWGI refers to the Laphroaig 'As We Get It' tasted by Serge at the same time as Lp1.]

    With water: the resemblance with the ‘AWGI’ got even bigger. Same brilliant whisky, please read above (S., you lazy old bean!)   [The relevant part reads: "it got extremely wild and, indeed, medicinal and maritime. A hospital near the ocean. Hints of fresh almonds, wet fabric, ‘a plate of seashells’ " - Ed.]

    Mouth (neat): as powerful as the ‘AWGI’ but a little more complex and certainly more medicinal. Huge spicy notes (pepper galore) and an immense ‘tarry’ peatiness. Salmiak. Rather extreme, a true Peat Monster.

    With water: now it got clearly different from the AWGI. Earthier and rootier (liquorice wood). Hints of gentian and marzipan mixed with a little honeydew (note to self: have to try that one day).

    Finish: as long as a job done using MS Excel 2008 for Mac.

    Comments: classic young Laphroaig from the best cuvees. SGP:348 - 88 points

    [These tasting notes have been reproduced from Serge's excellent 'Whiskyfun' website]

  • Tasting Notes by Tim F

    Nose:  Initially grassy, with hints of golden syrup.  The peat is quite restrained at first, manifesting as woodsmoke lurking in the background.  A clean, young character with aromas of meadows and a lemony citrus note.  Develops sweet cinnamon, soot and clove oil.  Water brings out more of the lemony notes and some unexpected, but not unwelcome, aromas of legumes and mint.

    Palate:  Sweet honeyed cereal and coalsmoke - a quite dramatic peat entry.  Smoked cereal, brown sugar, bonfires and crushed pepper, which keeps up with what is becoming a roaring peat / coal inferno.  Water tames it, emphasising the coal and brown sugar.

    Finish:  Very long, warm and spicy, with compensating honey as the intermingled peat and spices slowly fade.

    Comment:  An immensely enjoyable whisky, big and potent on its own, but takes to water like a duck.  Delightful.

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