Black Grouse

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  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Black Grouse
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A timely innovation from Famous Grouse - this blend is based on peated Islay malts, and promises 'reassuring smoothness with aromatic, peaty flavours'.

Black Grouse Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Nose: Peaty-smoke then delicate sweetness.  Golden raw sugar with traces of malt and oak.

    Palate: Subtle smoky-sweet tones.  A silky smooth delivery with hints of cocoa and spice.

    Finish: Long, peaty, aromatic.  Gentle smokiness, giving way to a resonant oaky note.

68 Customer Reviews

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  • 3
    17 April

    OK, but an almost-overpowering presence of eau-de coal tar(?!). I'm much of a scotch neophyte, and maybe this is the peaty presence. Anyway, this is based on a first tasting, and if the blend remains consistent I can see potentially developing a taste for The Black Grouse.

  • 5
    28 January

    My favourite whisky so far - love the burn, and much more depth to the taste than normal Grouse.

  • 4
    2 January

    Smokey, peaty goodness at a decent price. Used as my 'everyday' whiskey. Served with a slight chill from stones.

  • 4
    11 December 2015

    4 stars, I know, I know. But it isn't a 20 year old single malt, it is an affordable blend and it taste like it.

  • 1
    17 November 2015

    Is this where all the Islay malts that used to go into Black Bottle went? What a waste! This is unbalanced, with the sweetness and the smoke battling it out on your palate. Unpleasant and overpriced.

  • 2
    29 October 2015

    It''s not bad by any means - but I just can''t get into it. I like Famous Grouse just fine, and think it''s a great dram. The problem with Black Grouse is that the Islay whiskies in here don''t seem to mix well with the fruitier, toffee flavours that the Famous Grouse is known for. To me, the hints of iodine and smoky flavour clash with the fruits; it''s like two totally different flavours going on that simply don''t mix. I feel like I''m drinking two scotches at once in fact. For my money, I far prefer Teacher''s Highland Cream if I am in the mood for a smokier blend.

  • 4
    13 October 2015

    Nice enough, about what you''d expect for the price

  • 4
    6 October 2015

    For the money, this is a great little slightly peaty number. A good cheaper alternative to drinks such as Talisker etc.

  • 5
    24 August 2015

    Yes I am aware that I''m giving it a 5, its because its a very good product when taken into consideration the price. This tastes VERY alike johnnie walker black but with more body,richness, and smoke. It has a very coal ash taste on the finish (tastes good!). Johnnie walker black has been a favorite of mine but black grouse may take place of it as my daily dram, its that good! Overall: When compared to johnnie walker, black grouse tastes pretty much the same. Except Black grouse has more malty flavour, richness, and smoke. Whereas johnnie walker black is sweeter, and is fruiter.

  • 4
    16 August 2015

    Dollar for dollar one of the best scotch blends I''ve ever found

  • 2
    26 June 2015

    Rather disappointed, although quite a smooth whiskey it lacks intensity and flavour. I suppose to be expected for the price however disappointed nonetheless.

  • 3
    27 May 2015

    it''s good for its price. a pleasant and smooth flavour, but tastes a bit watered down and lacks a strong aftertaste.

  • 4
    18 April 2015

    This a good blend. Of course it''s polished for the general public, but neverthless. Like all good blends it could be so much more (higher strenght, no color added, non chillfiltered etc.) but it never will. That''s the tragedy of good blends.

  • 5
    28 December 2014

    Black Grouse - lovely and peaty - mmmmm.

  • 3
    18 October 2014

    Read the reviews and got the bottle. To really enjoy this you''ve gotta get your pallate prepared: A nice mince pie, then black filter coffee, then small sips of this! Then it really does the producers tasting notes a favour. Otherwise it's a rather uncomplex and watered down Islay blend. For the price i can''t complain, but untill i cleaned my pallette i was disappointed with this rather soft and bland blend. Neverthe less, when preparation is correct, it shines a good deal, although cannot in any way come close to Laphroaig. A fun whisky, probably great for mixing, and handy for everyday drinking. If you want sophistication you need a better blend- or better still, Laphroaig, or single malt.

  • 5
    18 October 2014

    Nice!!! Peaty taste - subtle - good value for money.

  • 4
    21 September 2014

    I've really grown to like this blend. It might not be in quite the same class as JW Black, but it's a similar style that marries the smooth and mellow branch of Scotch whisky with a gentle touch of Islay-ish peat. Great value for the money, and definitely better than some more expensive single malts I've had.

  • 5 January 2014

    Generally lacks complexity, but has a good sweet smokey flavour and is wonderful value. It lacks a decent finish but if you are an Islay fan this could be for you at a third of the price of the better known brands. There is obvious a comparison with Black Bottle and I actually prefer this blend although BB has a more authentic Islay taste.

  • 28 December 2013

    I'm no snob but I love Laphroaig and I find the Black to be enjoyable, mellow, and satisfying.

  • 8 April 2013

    I like to try a wide variety of whiskies and bought this based on Jim Murray's 94pt review. The peat/smoke is more subtle than I expected but still significant compared to the vast majority of blends I have tasted. It's not as deep or complex as a decent Island or Islay single malt but for a blend and for the money I think it's a great buy.

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