Gammel Dansk Liqueur

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Gammel Dansk Liqueur
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A relatively modern liqueur bitters, having been invented in Denmark in 1964, Gammel Dansk contains 29 natural ingredients and is the second best-selling spirit in its native country, producing over 4 million litres per year.

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  • 5
    4 September

    This product is just a necessity like air, food and water, if you are a Dane. The first thing I do each morning is to get my Gammel Dansk.

  • 5
    23 June

    I am 72 years old, been drinking Gammel Dansk Since 18 years old, don't see the doctor very often. Great drink, even my wife loves it!

  • 5
    22 June

    I first had Gammel Dansk in Norway and have loved it ever since!

  • 5
    16 February

    I grew up with it, at first for medicinal purposes, but in my later teens I started to love it, and now, living in the US, I really miss it ??

  • 5
    8 January 2016


  • 5
    23 November 2015

    There's nothing else quite like it. Got into it many years ago when fraternising with Danes at a joint Scout & Guide Summer Camp in Denmark. Have never been able to totally relinquish the habit......... Very glad TWE supply it. Please don't stop stocking GDansk as it's not too easy to come by- unless you live in Denmark where it's everywhere!

  • 5
    26 September 2015

    Worked in Denmark in the 80''s and acquired taste for Gammel Dansk. Was buying it in the US until about ten years ago. Really miss it.

  • 4
    14 August 2015

    Straight shot

  • Anonymous 28 December 2013

    Have had it from a friend in Denmark. Best straight drink on the market.

  • laura jinishian 30 December 2012

    I have called around the country . have been told it is no longer imported. Am trying to find a way. Looking for more people who want gammeldansk and will do whatever it takes! be in touch if you do.

  • Anonymous 18 November 2012

    wonderful sister-in-law and I love this product. So hard to find in the US....hope I can order here. I've been looking for the last year!

  • Anonymous 13 December 2009

    Somewhat medicinal, but works wonders after overindulgant eating, with a milder taste than a Fernet Branca or Unterberg bitters.