Port Charlotte PC7
Sin An Doigh Ileach

70cl / 61%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Port Charlotte PC7 / Sin An Doigh Ileach
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Hot on the coat-tails of Jim Murray's humongous score for the PC6, here's the latest version of Bruichladdich's Port Charlotte. Can it be even better this time around?
Distillery Bottling
7 Year Old
Bottling Date

Port Charlotte PC7 Reviews

2 Customer Reviews

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  • AJ, Glasgow 28 December 2008

    Great peat and lengthy smoke, a massive rush through salt and sea toward the woody foreshore. The volume of the wine influence surprised me and an orchid tinged note lingers a bit too long. The character of the peaty spirit doesn?t ascend as far as in the Uigeadail which it achieves using sherry rather than the PC7?s ACE?d wine finish. A stunning dram and one which has the potential to reveal more of itself before the next expression appears.

  • Jacques from London 21 November 2008

    The cashier told me most people bought PC7 to resell later, at a margin. Big mistake... The experience is worth the premium paid after all the PC6 hype. Sweet nose with a very smooth welcome on the palate despite high alcohol...then POW, the peat hits you at the back of the tongue even where a 20 Talisker has failed. Long finish and overwhelming. If anything, its not as complex as other Islay heavyweights, but very mature for its age.