Chairman's Reserve
St Lucia Rum

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Chairman's Reserve / St Lucia Rum
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A delicious blend of pot and column-still rums from St Lucia, Chairman's Reserve rum is well-rounded and sweet, with a gentle balance of cooked banana, caramelised fruits, chocolate, tobacco and oaky-vanilla notes throughout the palate. This award-winning rum is perfect for both sipping and making sweet, fruity cocktails.


  • International Wine and Spirit Competition 2008 : Gold Medal - Best In Class
St. Lucia
No Added Sugar or Flavourings


  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Pineapple Pineapple
  • Banana Banana
  • Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
  • Tobacco Tobacco
  • Oak Oak

Chairman's Reserve Reviews

27 Customer Reviews

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  • 1
    12 March

    Terrible flavor and overwhelming odor of alchohol.

  • 5
    28 October 2018

    Love the spiced rum!

  • 5
    24 July 2018

    One of the best rums in the Caribbean, sampled many while sailing the islands for 2 years.

  • 4
    10 May 2018

    Drink it straight, subtle hints of caramel and vanilla. Smooth as.

  • 4
    28 February 2018

    Great Rum for the $$$

  • 2
    21 December 2017

    Not one of my favourite rums. Tried it neat but needed to top it up with a generous measure of coke and lots of ice. It misses that sweetness of most rums, and had whiskey elements - it almost tastes more like Jack Daniels

  • 4
    24 November 2017

    A delicious rum that can be drunk on it’s own or with a mixer - very good value

  • 5
    5 February 2017

    I discovered it when in St Kitts last year. The only reason for going back. Now tops my favourite rum list

  • 5
    15 August 2016

    The Spiced Rum is fantastic

  • 5
    29 October 2015

    This, spiced , and the forgotten cask are all fantastic and very well priced . Best mixed with ginger ale or Canada Dry . Try them all

  • chris 11 June 2013

    had this last year and it is top notch ..just ordered plantation 5yr old and heard good things about it but it will have to be good to beat this.

  • The Colonel 11 April 2013

    Great value and good enough for sipping or can be used as a top end mixing rum. Nice after dinner as an alternative to cognac.

  • Anonymous 20 July 2012

    I went to St. Lucia in March while on a cruise. We toured the distillery and tasted it then. I was in love with the taste instantly. It is the best I have tasted, we are limited in vareity in the USA. Of coarse I am trying to buy it in America so the hunt is on to find a source in this country.

  • Anonymous 24 June 2012

    Must agree with the comments i have read, i was very impressed with this rum.

  • jossman 23 April 2012

    A fine rum for the sipping. There are a better but nowhere near the price.

  • Neil 2 March 2012

    Decent rum. Good value. More sophisticated than say Morgan's but not incredible. You won't get much better for the money.

  • Scott from Scotland 25 February 2012

    Smooth, sweet, lovely rum. With or without a squeeze of lime this it is a joy to drink (and for the price I am convinced that you cant get much better).

  • Jack 22 December 2011

    Sublime rum straight up. Lovely and smooth with a hint of vanilla. Affordable as well for the quality.

  • Drinks Enthusiast 23 September 2011

    Its blended using rums from both a double distilled pot still and a continuous still to give it a vanilla and honey nose with ripe exotic fruits pushing their way through. On the palate it gives off subtle sweet characteristics of spice with the vanilla being slightly more potent. Gives a bit of a kick on the way down but it leaves a mellow after-taste soon after.

  • Andy - 12th July 2011 12 July 2011

    Absolutely love it. Not quite my thing as a sipping rum as I have a few others for that, but for my 'rum

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