Bruichladdich X4 - Islay Spirit

70cl / 50%
  • Scotch Malt Spirit
  • Distillery Bottling
Bruichladdich X4 - Islay Spirit
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Bruichladdich X4 has been distilled four times, reaching 92%, before being bottled at a reduced 50% without ageing (which is why it can't be called whisky).

Distillery Bottling

Bruichladdich X4 - Islay Spirit Reviews

9 Customer Reviews

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  • J Speers 13 December 2012

    Tis fun in a bottle!

  • TWE Admin 19 November 2012

    Nuno: You certainly can - it'll pick up colour and woody flavour a lot faster than in a large barrel.

  • Nuno 17 November 2012

    This might be a silly question but can we throw this in the wasmund's "age your own" kit cask?

  • Donald Young 16 March 2012

    It is truly sublime an exceptional drop of whisky. The point is this is where malts start out and it's an education to drink this....secondly It's a history lesson for years whisky was quadruple distilled before ageing

  • Anonymous 5 July 2011

    Basically vodka and not very good one. I can't see any point making this kind of stuff.

  • Patrick Joseph Mc Erlane 9 May 2011

    A delightful tipple. A good drink of this and all becomes clear. No more problems!Paddy Mc Erlane, Ballymena

  • P Mansfield 27 August 2009

    Like drinking petrol whilst getting round-house kicked by Chuck Norris - I like.

  • russ mcfadden 27 April 2009

    This is a throw back to times when scotch was quad distilled. There are a number of barrels of this aging that will be ready when Jim McEwan chooses the time is right. Basically this is a new make spirit that is great for any enthusiast to see how maturation effects whisky. Buy it if your interested... if not wait 17 years until its aged.

  • Anonymous 20 February 2009

    What is the point of this? Someone please tell me.