Chase English Potato Vodka

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Chase English Potato Vodka
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Chase is a superb potato vodka from the people who brought us Tyrrell's lovely crisps. Fabulously creamy and smooth – serve straight from the fridge for best effects.


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Chase English Potato Vodka Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting notes by Class Magazine

    Appearance: Crystal clear.
    Aroma: Clean, creamy dairy-like with cracked black pepper and faint aromas I find reminiscent of Strawberry Angel Delight dessert.
    Taste: Creamy/lactic flavoured palate with black pepper, sweet liquorice and aniseed.
    Aftertaste: Liquorice and black pepper spiced finish. Not for those seeking bland neutrality but a must for those wanting a farm made and bottled characterful vodka.
    diffordsguide rating: 5/5 Excellent

23 Customer Reviews

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  • 1
    1 September 2017

    It taste like plastic. I love vodka and have tried a lot of different vodkas..this was the worst I have ever had...

  • 5
    23 June 2017

    Not really a vodka fan but thus product was different and in a good way

  • Gopi 6 April 2014

    I prefer my neutral vodka over this...too much flavour for my taste

  • Alan Shephard ... Kent 30 March 2014

    I was recommended Chase Marmalade whilst in Shakesperes bar Canterbury ... Over ice with a touch of tonic and a small slice of lemon .... Awesome. ..

  • Ben 28 December 2013

    Having worked bars/weddings/events for a while now, I can safely say this is my favourite vodka. A great, smooth taste that I feel surpasses the commercial brands such as Grey Goose and Belvedere, it really is a great vodka! It's easily good enough to enjoy on the rocks with (or without) a slice of lemon. Makes a great martini too. I think marquis is a close second potentially.

  • JK '' Belfast '' 28 October 2013

    when it comes to personally distilling a product at this level, i have to take my hat of to the guys at cannot compare this to Gray Goose as this vodka is so far above that, this company have taken a massive leap forward in modern distillation, the London Gin & the Apple Gin could sit with the best on any back bar.

  • Gurpster 14 January 2013

    Goes straight to the head right from the freezer, its clean & smooth even on the rocks

  • philip chase 26 dec 2012 (no relation) 26 December 2012

    had a nip of marmalade vodka 24 dec 2012 thought it was a fantasic taste it was on its own pprobably would be better with some cruhsed ice.

  • Anonymous 3 May 2012

    Had this vodka in a dirty martini at the Marriott County Hall in London. The bartender was very complmentary of the brand. It was great!! Then tried it in a bloody mary without anything added. Great as well!

  • Nigel 22 September 2011

    Had this last night with dash of lemonade. Absolutely fantastic. hardly any taste but enough so you know its there. So fresh, cold, sharp. Will be getting a bottle.

  • Ben, Singapore 22 June 2011

    Chase revolutionized my impression of vodka. It is amazing neat, good in cocktails and is a brilliant vodka. Will recommend it to anyone, especially to prove that vodka is more than just a party drink!

  • Anonymous 22 June 2011

    great vodka, well above the more popular brands if you like it smooth, but still lots of depth

  • Anonymous 12 May 2011

    So smooth you can taste the creamy potatoes never knew vodka could taste so good

  • Caroline, UK. Jan '11 4 January 2011

    I got this as a Christmas present. I am a huge vodka fan and have now been spoilt as nothing will beat this for a very long time! Home Grown and good for coeliacs. Now to try the Gin!!

  • Peter 31 October 2010

    This is without question the best vodka I've tasted. I see comparisons to Grey Goose, but I think it's comfortably above that. Really, really good stuff. Great value at ?35.

  • Anonymous 29 August 2010

    Fabulous product from Herefordshire.

  • Wolfe 28 July 2010

    Lives up to it's reputation, definitely worth keeping a bottle handy for special occasions.

  • franco 14 June 2010


  • Anonymous 17 May 2010

    Won't be able to try this until I am back in England- but can't wait. Sounds fantastic. I just hope there will be some left!

  • Jeremy Vine 21 April 2010

    Voted best vodka in the world at san fran spirits comp - Awesome brand

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