Port Ellen 1982
26 Year Old Cask #2729 Old Bothwell

70cl / 52%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Old Bothwell
Port Ellen 1982 / 26 Year Old / Cask #2729 / Old Bothwell
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A rather remarkable Port Ellen 1982 from the Old Bothwell company. A fascinating, ever-changing nose, then an unexpectedly smoky, very spicy palate. Bizarre, yet somehow rather brilliant.
Old Bothwell
26 Year Old
Cask Number

Port Ellen 1982 Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Tim F

    N:  Quite oaky and full, with a rather pleasant tinge of what Serge at Whiskyfun calls 'good' sulphur ie natural and not eggy.  Hints of orange liqueur and exotic fruit, grilled steak, coal and woodsmoke.  With time and a bit of swirling the sulphur drifts away, leaving pleasant notes of apricot, sugared almonds, raspberries and balsamic vinegar.  A complex nose that keeps developing in the glass.  Every time I poke my conk into it there's something new.  Becomes more 'malty' with water and develops a kippery note.

    P:  Pretty full.  A surge of sweet fruit and sooty phenols, with brown sugar, coal and a massive fistful of peppery spice bursting through in the middle.  Intense chilli heat.  The fruits are there in the background, laced with honey. Water softens it and brings out the malt and fruit, with some ripe mandarin and grapefruit flavours, very citrussy.

    F:  Long, drying, hot and pungent, becoming salty (very salty with water).  I just can't separate the coal and spices from the sweetness, they're fused together.  The brine is intense when water is added, but when that fades suddenly we're back to tropical fruits again. 

    C:  The label says 'Cask Type: Oak', which isn't very helpful at all, but from the colour and the nose I'm guessing that this is a high-quality refill cask.  Big flavours and constantly surprising - you just don't know where it's going next.  Bizarre, but flirting with brilliance.  A schizophrenic genius or idiot savant.

2 Customer Reviews

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  • oscar.k 10 September 2010

    Smoke is kinda nervous in here. Firstly it underlines other notes and then disappears leaving bland aftersensation. Also sweetness goes too much to the strawberry candies registers.

  • Claus, AWL 14 November 2009

    Very closed at first, but leave this little beauty in the glass for a good hour, and you'll see a dram that changes all the time, from sweet sherry, apples and pears, normally only found in bourbon casks, cow dung (in a good way - if there is such) let's call it farm-notes :-) and an ashy peat in the roof of your mouth - Well done, Bothwell