Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur

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Zoco Pacharan Navarro Liqueur
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The oldest commercial brand of Pacharan (aka Patxaran), Zoco is produced in the Basque region. It's made by steeping sloes, coffee and vanilla in anisette, producing an interesting and complex liqueur.

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    12 April

    Great tasting drink

  • 8 June 2013

    This is one of the nicest drinks you could ever taste. Pour over a large brandy-glass full of ice, sit back and smile! This really is a fantastic drink - when I moved to Spain I discovered it and now back in Blighty am ever-so-pleased can get my hands on this tipple through the Whiskey Exchange. Great for a long slow relaxing afternoon in the summer. It's great at Christmas too - once your family drink it they will be converts!

  • 29 September 2012

    just got back from Cost of Del sol and love this drink, had with coffee beans added and Ice, lovely drink.

  • 28 June 2011

    Zoco is THE pacharan. Tried it for the first time 3 years ago.Ice and a twist of lime also goes well.

  • 8 May 2011

    not a seasoned drinker but love pacharan-with plenty of ice!!

  • 22 February 2011

    It is also amazing for flaming glazed carrots. Boil the carrots having cut them into cigarette sized pieces, with very little water so they cook in the steam. Add a little sugar and olive oil while cooking. Reduce water to nothing so the carrots are sizzling in the pan (wide low sided pan is best)then pour in a spoonful of Pacheran, tip the pan to one side and flame. Great. Better than Pernod. Your carrots will be famous.

  • 15 December 2010

    kind of Spanish sloe gin with strong flavours of aniseed.great on the rocks with a slice of orange as an apéritif or digestif but best enjoyed as a frozen shot with Spanish beer and tapas, by the beach if available...