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What Is Your Bottle Worth?

What Is Your Bottle Worth?

Key factors that influence the value of your bottle

Is there a small fortune hiding in your drinks cabinet? People are always, understandably, curious about what their old and rare bottles are worth, and there are some key factors that will influence the value of your antique whisky or spirits:

  • Brand Name

    Brand Name

    There are some brands, such as Macallan (single malt Scotch), Caroni (Trinidad rum) and Rémy Martin (Cognac) that are more collectable than others. Even if your bottle does not come from one of the world’s most collected brands, it may still have great value amongst a dedicated band of connoisseurs.

  • Age/Vintage Statement

    Age/Vintage Statement

    The age is represented by the number on the label that states how many years the whisky spent maturing in a cask. Sometimes spirit makers will specify a vintage – the distillation year – alongside or instead of the age statement.

  • The ABV

    The ABV

    Cask strength spirits have an enduring popularity and tend to be more sought-after than those with a lower ABV. Cask strength is a term that refers to the spirit’s alcohol by volume (ABV) and means that it has been bottled at the alcoholic strength at which it came out of the cask – no water has been added.

  • Is It A Distillery Bottling?

    Is It A Distillery Bottling?

    A spirit can be released in either an official bottling from its brand or distillery, or in an independent bottling from a company that buys spirits specifically for that purpose. Who bottles a spirit, and for what series / purpose, is a factor in its value.

  • Is It A Limited Edition?

    Is It A Limited Edition?

    A limited edition is defined as one that is not part of a distillery or brand’s core range. This can be anything from a themed release of many thousand bottles, to a very small number of bottles that have been obtained from a single cask. Scarcity is, as you can imagine, a factor that affects value.

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