Jewel of RussiaVodka

Chernogolovka Distillery Ost-Alco was founded in July 1995.

Quality and tradition - these are the basic principles on which the distillery has been operating ever since. Numerous Russian and International awards are evidence of that: 46 products have been awarded Diplomas and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at different exhibitions worldwide.

The distillery is located in picturesque surroundings near the town of Chernogolovka in the Moscow region. Since its establishment the distillery has become the largest alcohol enterprise in the area, occupying 25,000 acres of land and employing 2,500 people.

Quality of vodka mainly depends on two ingredients: spirit and water. Chernogolovka distillery uses only the best spirit produced from the highest quality wheat and rye grown in Russia. As far as the water is concerned, the distillery has three artesian wells, one of which is 105 metres deep while the other two are 170 metres deep. Highly qualified specialists from the distillery's laboratory constantly monitor the water quality, which undergoes special treatment and multiple filtrations. The laboratory itself is equipped with the latest technical equipment, which allows them to quickly and very effectively analyse the quality of the drinks produced.

An ancient recipe is used to produce Ultra vodka, but the distilled spirits used to prepare this vodka undergo additional rectification treatment to practically eliminate the traces of congeners present in all lower quality vodkas.

The spirit also undergoes a slow five-stage filtration through specially-modified charcoal made from the stones of peaches and apricots, a special technique of the Chernogolovka distillery.

Each authentic Russian bottle is manually painted with the traditional Russian Palekh lacquer technique. Each bottle is signed by an individual artist. Jewel of Russia Ultra is a genuine Russian vodka and is recommended to be drunk strongly chilled or in a martini.


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