Rest of the World

Rest of the World


Whisky production of any significance was until recently confined to just a handful of countries, but has now spread to just about every continent on Earth. From Tasmania to Scandinavia and from Brittany to Taiwan come whiskies of every hue and flavour, giving their own often idiosyncratic interpretation of what whisky is.

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Rest of the WorldWhisky

Wherever people drink whisky, some of them decide they want to make it, too. What results is not so much a series of imitations of Scotch, bourbon or Irish whiskey, but an ever-increasing number of distinctive local expressions of this global spirit. You can make whisky anywhere – and, increasingly, people are.



Did you know?

  • British ex-pat Andy Watts, master distiller at South Africa’s James Sedgwick Distillery, is a Sheffield Wednesday football fan who also played county cricket for Derbyshire
  • Australian whisky has a lot to thank the pioneering Bill Lark for: the Lark Distillery founder successfully got the 1901 Distillation Act changed when he discovered his first still was too small to be legal in 1992
  • the first Dutch new make ran off the Zuidam stills in 1998, but the Us Heit distillery beat the Zuidams to the accolade of ‘first Dutch whisky’, launching its first bottled release in 2007

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