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Iain McAlister

Master Distiller
Glen Scotia

Campbeltown native Iain McAlister is a relative newcomer to the world of whisky making, joining the team at Glen Scotia in 2008. It was a big change of career for Iain, who decided to follow his love of whisky after years as an engineer working for Scottish Water.

Using both his enthusiasm for whisky and his engineering background, he has applied his knowledge throughout the distillery to update and enhance production while still preserving the craftsmanship, tradition and rich history of Glen Scotia. He is now deeply immersed in the whisky-making world, not only managing the distillery, but leading production as master distiller.

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"I was born and bred in Campbeltown, I've spent all my days here…. The whisky's everywhere, it does run through your veins in some respect."- Iain McAlister
Iain McAlister

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