Belvedere Vodka

600cl / 40%
Belvedere Vodka / Methuselah
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A gigantic six-litre bottle of the hugely popular style-bar favourite Belvedere, the quadruple-distilled Polish rye vodka.

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  • Anonymous 25 April 2012

    Correction regarding the previous comment. Belvedere is not a french brand. It's a Polish brand, manufactured in Poland and namned after the Presidential palace in the capital Warzaw. The brand is however owned by the french company Moët Hennessy. I agree that it is a better brand of vodka than Grey Goose.

  • Anonymous 17 March 2012

    @Abraham G the mathusalem isn't meant for Jay Z only, Im not particularly rich, and every time I go clubbing in London Paris or St Tropez I know a friend who buys one.... Belevedere is the best (its actually a french brand) vodka with Grey Goose and its price isn't shockingly high !

  • Chris-Brunel 3 January 2012

    Have recently finished a bottle of this after purchase in May, I can safely say this is a truly excellent vodka. Of all the brands to have a 6L bottle of, Belvedere is definitely the one.

  • Abraham G 11 August 2010

    I don't think anyone ever bought a gallon bottle of Vodka on the basis of cost-effectiveness.It's meant for the Jay-Z's amongst us, but will be bought mostly by the Jay-Z wannabes amongst us.Enjoy it and don't do the maths.

  • finedrinker 18 April 2010

    superb vodka and at this price is good value works out at £43 a litre....did i mention it was superb!