Elements Eight Exotic Spiced Rum

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Elements Eight Exotic Spiced Rum
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Introduced in the summer of 2010, Elements Eight Spiced is perhaps the first super-premium spiced rum, infused with a variety of fruits and spices including cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and honey. Judging by the rave reviews this seems to have raised the stakes in a very lucrative category – replacing the old Sailor Jerry recipe as the must-have spiced rum.

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Elements Eight Exotic Spiced Rum Reviews

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    4 March 2015

    Personally the heavily fragranced/perfumed taste put this drink down for me, which was a shame because i was really looking forward to it. Its smooth going down and is of a good quality that you could just sip it with ice. But i cant quite put my finger on what the flavors are that seem to clash... I''d say for ?25 a bottle, give this rum a go. But again, due to my own personal taste, its not for me and i wont be having it again. If anyone is thinking of a rum to get i would recommend the ''Kraken 47''. Its beautifully smooth, with great flavour enjoyed either straight on ice or a dash of cola & lime.

  • Nick Gerrard, Cardiff 27 December 2013

    Couldn't disagree more with the 1st reviewer, this stands head and shoulders above any spiced rum I have ever tried. It boasts an amazingly well balanced and nuanced blend of flavours in which you will notice different notes with every sip. Just breathing in the richly exotic nose is a real pleasure. I think it is actually very good value considering it's both a peach of a sipping rum and gorgeously presented in its tall, striking bottle.

  • Will, East Riding of Yorkshire 14 August 2013

    I tried this at a local bar and I have to say I'm glad I sampled it before buying a bottle. It's a decent enough spiced rum, but there are plenty of equal quality spiced rums, though with a different balance of flavours, available cheaper and definitely superior rums available for £30. The flavour is too heavily influenced by the honey for my tastes, leaving a sweetness not sufficiently balanced by the subtler cinnamon and ginger.

  • Andrew bristol 21 October 2010

    first sampled this spiced rum at this years rum fest.im not into spiced rums usually,but after sampling i just had to buy a bottle.excellent flavours ,a must have rum

  • Dave 21 August 2010

    A very unique Spice Rum. The infusion of honey seems to give it a sweet Honeysuckle pollen aroma/taste. Makes a great Cuba Libre.