Grand Marnier
Cordon Jaune Liqueur

70cl / 40%
Grand Marnier / Cordon Jaune Liqueur
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The only Grand Marnier not made with Cognac, Cordon Jaune is based on neutral spirit and should not be drunk neat, being better for cocktails or Crepe Suzettes.

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    1 January 2016

    Do enjoy the Grand Marnier cordon Jeaune

  • Julie Tinkler 12 December 2013

    I was served this on a cruise recently - having asked for Grand Marnier. I was dubious when presented with a glass containing clear liquid!! How very pleasantly surprised was I to taste the glorious smooth & flavoursome liqueur!! Struggling to find it back home though - why is it so difficult to find?!

  • Anonymous 24 January 2013

    I disagree. Cordon Jaune is excellent neat - even if just as a cordial or dessert.

  • TWE Admin 10 November 2011

    J.B. - Not a lot gets imported. Luckily we are a UK based company and have a shop in London...

  • J.B. 9 November 2011

    the Cordon Juane is allmost imposible to buy in U.K.stores,why?

  • Anonymous 5 October 2010

    This was served to me in Spain. Loved it so much I found some to bring home. Just wish I brought more.

  • Anonymous 7 April 2010

    Loved it smooth ligtness.

  • Anonymous 4 December 2009

    after much researchI have just stumbled on this supply having enjoyed its smoooth,velvety taste many times in Portugal.

  • Anonymous 29 August 2009

    Can't get enough it is so light and smooooth. My brother-in-law is a fan too. Thank you for giving us something in common!!

  • Anonymous 8 August 2009

    magnificent! we love it!

  • R. B. 10 April 2009

    After 10 years of search I finally found this while visiting Spain. I bought 2 bottles!!!

  • Dave Cook 14 March 2009

    I like this stuff! When will you have more?