Remy Martin XO Premier Cru Cognac

70cl / 40%
Remy Martin XO Premier Cru Cognac
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A special bottle of Remy Martin XO Premier Cru, done for the travel retail market.

Remy Martin XO Premier Cru Cognac Reviews

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    21 August 2017

    Needs at least 20 minutes in the glass, then, sit back, swirl, inhale... and inhale... and inhale...

  • Anonymous 19 July 2012

    the difference is this is 100% grande champagne and XO is only 85% with 15 % petite champagne

  • Joel 9 May 2012

    This is not only better then XO excellence to me someone who has done taste tests it is better then high end Remy Extra Perfection!! Less oakiness from aging, and thus lighter in color and more balanced taste. needs 30-40 min to breath before drinking. Remy XO Premier Cru is the best cognac on the market for even three times the price of others. Remy tres is better by far but is in a completely different price range.

  • Cgz 9 April 2012

    I am a straight chivas or straight xo drinker and this is superb cogniac! I sometimes use apple juice for a palette cleanser but for this fine blend goes down smoother than heaven.

  • Anonymous 27 March 2012

    I know it is probably quite subjective, but is this regarded as better than XO excellence?

  • TWE Admin 7 December 2011

    anonymous: It is - Cognac is the most famous brandy producing region in France.

  • Anonymous 6 December 2011

    I am buying this for someone - sorry to sound stupid but is this brandy?

  • Anonymous 22 July 2011

    more layers, smoother, less afterburn/taste of ethanol. what the real ballers drink. amazing sh*t!

  • TWE Admin 27 June 2011

    This is a different recipe to the regular XO - the mix has been tweaked to make an even more luxurious cognac for the travel retail market.

  • Anonymous 26 June 2011

    what's the difference between this and other Remy Martin XO cognac?

  • Anonymous 3 February 2010

    the best