CL1 - Elements of Islay

50cl / 62.9%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Speciality Drinks Ltd
CL1 - Elements of Islay
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A big-boned single Islay malt from a big-windowed distillery with a good view of the Paps. A gem from one of the island's most consistent producers, this is a hefty, uncompromising dram, easily tamed with a drop of water. "A belter of a dram" - Dave Broom.
Speciality Drinks Ltd
Elements of Islay

CL1 - Elements of Islay Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Dave Broom

    This is like sitting on the grass next to a beach in the sun.  The taste is crisply smoky and salt-tinged, sweet and sappy.  With water, you taste juniper twigs thrown on a beach bonfire on which some sausages are already sizzling. 

    On the palate, there's immediate sweetness and power, then the smoke comes through in a great wave of flavour.  Much more amenable with water that has a hint of real elegance.  This is a belter of a dram.

    [These notes are reproduced from Wine & Spirit Magazine]

  • Tasting Notes by Rob Allanson

    Nose: Coal tar soap mixed with hot bitumen.  Slowly becomes grass fires smelt from the seashore, so you get that saltiness in there too.

    Palate:  Packs quite a punch with a lot of smoke at the front.  There is also a sweetness in here shrouded in the smoke.

    Finish: Short and cleansing.

    Comment: A great healing malt for those colder days.

    [These notes are reproduced from Whisky Magazine]

  • Tasting Notes by Dave Broom 

    Nose:  Highly phenolic.  Seaweed and driftwood mingling with hay and a briny/rockpool aroma.  There's some stewed pear.  Water brings huge smokiness, edible seaweed and hot sand.

    Palate:  Sweet yet peppery.  Juniper wood, smoked sausage balanced by a distinct sweetness.

    Finish:  Tingling and salty.

    Comment:  Young, vibrant and brimful of personality.

    [These notes are reproduced from Whisky Magazine]

  • Tasting Notes by Tim F

    Nose:  Boiled sweets and cut grass initially, then more savoury notes move in - Bisto, beef crisps.  Expected alcohol prickle fades away to chocolate and some bakery notes - dough, brown bread.  Some spices, then medicine cabinet aromas develop, before matches, buttered veg, toffee apple, tweed and honey. A complex nose that needs time to settle.  Water brings out toffee biscuit and barley sugar.

    Palate:  Stewed fruit, burnt wood, red apple, smokey bacon, honey.  Plenty of balanced peat, with woodsmoke, coal and bonfire.  Peppery spice in the mid-palate, with some chilli and hot-buttered toast with honey.  Water lifts the coal, spices and apple flavours.

    Finish:  Warming and long, with honey, pepper and coal surrounding a savoury cereal base, with occasional flashes of cooked apple.  A salty tinge right at the death.

    Comment:  Another Element that likes a drop of water.  Intense, powerful, uncompromising and extremely complex.

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  • Chris 26 March 2009

    Never even tried to review food or drink before but why not give it a try...Like the notes say, add a drop of water. If only because it will take your breath away otherwise. Ive never drank anything this strong! I added 1/4 water and it drinks exceptionally smoothly whilst at the same time having a very smokey rough taste. Add to that a right tinge of sweetness, perhaps bordering on too sweet.It coats the mouth and has a very very long pleasant palette. Not bad at all.