Ardbeg Supernova 2009

70cl / 58.9%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Ardbeg Supernova 2009
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Ardbeg Supernova has been a phenomenon since the Advance Committee Release sold out in a matter of hours back in January 2009. This is the peatiest Ardbeg ever at over 100ppm.

Whisky Bible 2010: Scotch Whisky of the Year; Second Finest Whisky in the World; 97 points
Distillery Bottling

Ardbeg Supernova 2009 Reviews

17 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    22 February 2018

    This is a very, very good scotch. The more I drink it, the more complexity I see in its flavor and nose. It's much more than a simple peat bomb. However, given the price, and given that Corryvreckan is just as good, sweeter, and 1/5th the price, I don't think it's worth it, if you're on a budget. If price isn't an issue, it's completely worth it

  • 5
    21 November 2017

    Superb outstanding, pricey yes but worth it in IMO! A must if you like strong peated whiskys!

  • Lord 13 December 2013

    Over priced for a young whisky? Who buys whisky looking at the age? Every bottle has its own characteristics and this is is amazing, the depth colour and unique flavour is brilliant enjoy with a good cigar, alongside a fire with a special someone on a cold winters day, and I promise life will get no better!

  • London Jim 16 April 2013

    This is without doubt the most superior whiskey for flavour and peaty too. Expensive yes but there is a reason for that!

  • Adam L. 26 October 2012

    I've never tried anything remotely close to being this good in a Scotch. To each their own, but it's worth every penny to me, as each sip is a refreshing new experience. WOW.

  • Anonymous 6 July 2012

    Everyone has a different pallett so to price by age is almost impossible. Rarity is all we can go by. Glad to see other scotch enthusiest giving their opinion.

  • Anonymous 13 March 2012

    Fantastic whisky!

  • Whiskyman 3 January 2012

    Great peaty whisky!

  • Anonymous 24 October 2011

    I don't know what people like in this whisky...Ardbeg SuperMofa, it tastes like you stick your nose in an exhaust...solely intrusive peaty and smoky taste, no deep character whatsoever...I don't like it...

  • Anonymous 2 September 2011

    I´m deep into my 3rd bottle now. For me, it´s the best whisky I´ve ever had. Afraid my wife doesn´t agree to a resupply due to the rising price.

  • saha 8 March 2011

    not bad but not that good either...seems to me very peaty and smokey...the smoke smell too strong...true @ this ptice one can find better ones,

  • Anonymous 6 February 2011

    this is one of my very few favored whiskys, complicate on palate, with few strong distinct flavors. cannot stop drinking until more flavors to be recognized.

  • Alf Johnsen 13 July 2010

    I beg to differ withe poster above rgarding the price. This is by far the best Ardbeg I've tasted. Much better than f ex the 1974 cask 2749 which is about 6 times the price.

  • John 13 May 2010

    Nice, but not worth the price, in my opinion. You can get much better whisky for this price

  • Anonymous 9 April 2010

    I'm enjoying my bottle

  • Doc 14 December 2009

    A bit overpriced as for such a young whisky:(

  • Anonymous 10 December 2009

    This is a fantastic whisky, if not a bit expensive. I would recommend to try it at bar if you can find it. It has amazing sophistication and isn't as peaty as you might expect.