Bell's Original

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Bell's Original
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Enormously popular blend that has come on in leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Bell's signature malt is from Blair Athol, with contributions from the likes of Caol Ila, Glenkinchie, Dufftown and Inchgower.

Bell's Original Reviews

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  • 5
    26 March

    Always choose Grouse, but bought a bottle of Bells as it was on offer. WOW! This is really nice whisky! I am a massive fan of Laphroaig and other Islay malts and this new Bells blend is a winner in my opinion. Lovely subtle smokey notes and a really smooth finish. Whoever has blended this is a talented person.

  • 4
    8 March

    This blend is getting better and better. The balance and complexity is from "The Whisky Blender's Handbook", if there would be such a book . A boldly smoky blend and that's a statement. To be honest I am quite fed up with those "quality" single malts, that just can't deliver and keep up with the enormous demand. This is how NAS blend should be. This is a showcase what a master blender is capable of with limited resources. Then again it's a compromise like all blends are. Allways thinking ... how much more this blend could be.

  • Anonymous 12 April 2014

    Have come to love this blend over recent times. used to be somewhat harsh. The session whisky my dad drank in the sixties. But today's blend reminds me of Bell's Islander, a brand I can't understand why it was withdrawn. Now the blend is mellow, with a highland base, and an overtone of subtle island malt. I love the Islay base of Black Bottle, but I have come to love Bell's mellow taste too. Highly recommended. get into it, lest it too disappear.

  • Norm 19 May 2013

    Nothing wrong with Bells ... my favorite blend.. wish it was available in USA again

  • The Colonel 4 May 2013

    Along with Grant's, Teacher's and Famous Grouse, Bells is one of the best standard blends. You will not find better for the money it's just a matter of taste which is your favourite.

  • rico 11 April 2013

    Good, reliable blend for everyday sipping. More sherrish than Famous Grouse, IMHO freshier (more peat/smoke), fruitier and with fuller body than a majority of its competitors in this price-range.

  • Jim 8 March 2013

    Im a major fan of the islay single malts but some of the critical reviews on here are way off. Ignore the snobs. Bells is a great tasting blend probably my favioret blended whiskey.

  • Anonymous 17 October 2011

    very nice

  • Drinks Enthusiast 23 September 2011

    on the nose there’s a light nutty aroma with fresh fruit coming through as well. On the palate, a rather smooth oak taste lingers with a slight nut and spice coming through. A warm tingle after-taste follows which leaves a long flavour (which will be making you want to finish your dram rather quickly!) and at 40 % it’s not too strong and overpowering as some blended whiskies can be.

  • conesir 2 September 2011

    i dont confess to be a conesir of whiskey nor a good speller but have tried a few decent malts and i have to say i was surprised at the smoothness enicially followed by a pleasant peatyness from such a cheap cheerful bottle, i wouldn't reccommand but it is good to know the lower end has come on leaps and bounds over the years and long may it continue

  • Anonymous 7 May 2011

    Trying some now, really not that bad, used to hate the stuff a few years ago, would take it over something like JWR, but still not a patch on Teachers, White Horse or Black Bottle which are the same price, But its fine with a splash of water.. if you want a nondescript non offensive tipple on a warm summers eve.

  • G. 6 April 2011

    tis cheap, taste nice. if your looking for a decent table whiskey, you will not go wrong with this one!

  • Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews 12 February 2011

    "Nose" (undiluted): Sweet, grassy, cookie dough and some peat."Palate" (undiluted): Super sweet, wheat, biscuit, sugared shortbread cookies, and a little peat. Thereafter, turns malty. "Finish" (undiluted): very short.

  • Lynn Fournier, Hopkinton,MA 2 January 2011

    I was inroduced to Bells while on a trip to G.B.back in 1989. Sincethen I have had my friends bring back a bottle or 2 on every trip that they make over-- I found it to be a very good Scotch !! Even my husband (a Jack Daniels person) enjoys Bells!!

  • Anonymous 7 October 2010

    Great nose, slightly odd (though not disagreeable) flavor but with a burning finish.

  • Anonymous 13 July 2010

    I blind tasted a few whisky's in the pub a few weeks ago, I easily picked out Bells from the other whisky's which were mostly single malts. It wasn't horrible, but the single malt whisky's were much better quality.

  • Anonymous 14 August 2009

    It's the best whisky ever! It beats JW Blue Label and any single malt big time!

  • king kong 12 May 2009

    This just left me wondering how they got the cat to squat on the bottle.

  • Bolg of the North 7 April 2009

    I agree with the last post, what are posts 3

  • whiskey kid 7 December 2008

    This new bells is clever! light fruity taste with vigor better than any other blend on the market. Well done to the master blender for giving us a modern bells, hope everyone out their tries it. This original blend is deffinately for the sophisticated blended whisky drinker so dinnae compare it to single malts i will challenge the last two comments on a blind tasting session and i bet they would say its a single malt

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