Jack Daniel's Old No.7

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  • Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
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The original all-conquering cola-friendly colossus, Jack Daniel's No. 7 commands a legion of fans worldwide, thanks to the sweet smoothness imparted by the Lincoln County Process of charcoal-mellowing the spirit before maturation.

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Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: Brown sugar syrup, sour raisins, wood polish, resin, green leaves, hints of wood glue.

    Palate: Sweet, with light body and mouth-feel. Dutch chocolate strands on toast, orange touches, perfumed wood, cinnamon.

    Finish: Terry's Chocolate orange, more wood polish and some lingering char.

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  • 5
    25 October

    Used to be into this at college thirty years ago, then abandoned it for some reason. I recently rediscovered it and can't get enough. Just a dash of coke to take the edge off makes for a great drink, and I never get a hangover even after a heavy Friday night. The Coke is down to taste, so I'll agree to disagree with Big JD fan - I find it too sweet with Pepsi. I totally agree on the diet cola aspect - very nasty.

  • 5
    17 October

    I became a big fan of JD ever since I have tried it for the first time. Great whisky for every weekend use. It's the only one, that doesn't give you a hangover if you overdose. I personally prefer it with Pepsi, as in opposition to Coke, Pepsi enriches the taste of JD, while Coke mess it up completely. And if you plan to have a lot of it, don't try it with any sugar free drinks (the ones with aspartame), because the taste will become unacceptable.

  • 5
    14 August

    Wow extra quality

  • 5
    30 June

    Coke and this, its heaven

  • 5
    15 June

    like with peaches

  • 4
    8 May

    I'm an American single malt lover but JD is the first whiskey i ever fell in love with. Don't sip it like you would a fine scotch. Try it on the rocks. Perfect on a hot summer day

  • 5
    30 April

    Excellent flavor.

  • 3
    4 April

    An initial hint of sweetness gives way to the smell of polish and glue which isn't great if i'm honest. Personally it isn't something I would drink neat as the burnt char taste lingers for a bit to long but it is nice with a diet coke. The flavour of the jack daniels enhances the caramel in the diet coke. Still a staple for the drinks cupboard!

  • 5
    28 March

    a very delicate aromas of fruits sometimes ripen bananas and strong oak taste is like strong woods with balance of caramelized sugar a smother yet very approachable whiskey

  • 3
    3 March

    If you're new to drinking, you'll love it, if you're not, it will disappoint you. Drink with coke, equal parts, and a little ice for a Lemmy.

  • 4
    21 January


  • 5
    28 December 2015

    The Old No.7 is the best drink out there. Better than scotch or vodka. You can have it straight or with coke, both options are good.

  • 5
    23 December 2015

    Superb whisky

  • 4
    7 November 2015

    Tried a double No.7 on the rocks with my cronies at our local pub yesterday. Didn''t detect any cinnamon, old leather, wood glue, etc. - enjoyed the whisky though.

  • 3
    10 September 2015

    OK but, frankly over-priced and over-rated.

  • 5
    30 June 2015

    Its like I am drinking a perfume. I love it.

  • 2
    11 May 2015

    As an American, this is an unavoidable classic, which I used to enjoy in my college days.... until I discovered Jameson, which I consider to be much better. Another alternative, if you want something analogous to JD, but more refined, is Nikkia "From the Barrel", sold on this site. Nowadays, I only use JD for mixing, and to serve to people who don''t appreciate good whisky. Granted, as a first whisky JD is OK, but once you''ve had more refined alternatives its hard to go back.

  • 5
    20 April 2015

    Really sweet and smooth Scottish Whiskey. I will buy more when visiting England next time.

  • 5
    4 April 2015

    Great, it is smooth and delicate with a incredible Jack finish

  • 5
    26 February 2015

    I just opened this 1 liter of Jack and sipping it for a while. This bottle was given to me as a gift on our wedding dating back 15 years ago. I regret that I just opened it today! Tastes very nice and smooth. I feel high in spirits after a few sips. Will definitely purchase more bottles for its more costly if I will get married again to have this.

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