Woodford Reserve
Distiller's Select Kentucky Straight
Bourbon Whiskey

70cl | 53.5%

Rich and full-bodied, Woodford Reserve is a delicious bourbon, triple distilled for extra smoothness, and loaded with notes of dried fruit and sweet spice. Ideal served as a digestif after dinner, on the rocks, or as the basis for a cocktail.

Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Clean, brilliant honey amber.

Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruit, hints of mint and oranges covered with a dusting of cocoa. Faint vanilla and tobacco spice.

Taste: Rich, chewy, rounded and smooth, with complex citrus, cinnamon and cocoa. Toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes abound.

Finish: Silky smooth, almost creamy at first with a long, warm satisfying tail.

Nose: Rich aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, with fresh mint running underneath. Then cookie dough, brioche and honey, along with apricots and sultanas, a touch of vanilla and candied citrus peel.

Palate: Great balance between sweet fruit, toasty oak and warm spices. Juicy sultanas, cinnamon-dusted pastries and Demerara sugar, freshened up with mint and caraway seed. Deliciously soft mouthfeel.

Finish: The soft dried fruit and sweet spice linger in harmony.

Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select and Glass



    Woodford Reserve

    Labrot & Graham distillery has been the home of Woodford Reserve since 1996, but distilling has been taking place on site since 1780 – the current building was erected in 1838. The ever-popular Distiller’s Select is the mainstay of the Woodford Reserve range, but the limited-edition Master’s Collection bottlings have proved very popular with whiskey fans.

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    • 5
      8 April

      This is hands down my go to bourbon if I want to get something on a budget of 30-35. My favourites are Blanton's Gold and Four Roses Single Barrell (in that order) but WR isn't far behind, and for the price difference it's saying a lot for WR. It's just a great example of a really good all round classic bourbon. Robust flavours of caramel, vanilla and cherries and a lovely 'chewy' aroma and taste. And by the way, Jack Daniels is not a bourbon; it's a Tennesy whiskey.

    • 5
      6 February

      A friend served me some of her Woodford Reserve, and I nearly finished off her bottle! Smooth & neat ,with a hint of fruits & spices, I'm totally hooked.

    • 5
      29 January

      Wonderful in every way. Smells fruity and has a great natural sweetness to it. It's also nice and mellow. Perfect neat whiskey.

    • 5
      8 January

      Has alittle more robust flavor than my tried and true drink the dbl oak . Overall still one of the best bourbons out there .far more superior than the common ones.. way to go guys!!!

    • 5
      29 December 2016

      Having been a JD drinker for a couple of years I decided to have a go at other Bourbon, came across this and wow, stunning had it with an old fashioned cocktail, my new favorite tipple, a bottle sitting nicely now in my cupboard ready for the new year, being a Scott I better not say to much, however JD is now off the menu

    • 5
      24 December 2016

      Very nice Has a bit of bite

    • 5
      9 December 2016

      I love this whisky.far better than jack Daniels, Jim beam, even lovely than makers mark.cheers to wood ford reserve

    • 5
      21 November 2016

      Very smooth and so easy to drink! My favourite bourbon, and I've tried nearly them all, but keep going back to Woodford reserve!!

    • 5
      15 November 2016

      Excellent!!! Would make a great Christmas present

    • 5
      24 October 2016

      This is one of the best sipping bourbons around. Nose, palate and finish are just a but under Blanton's Single Barrell but WELL above Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and all other common mid-shelf bourbons. It is readily available and priced to fit any budget. Along with Blanton's, W.L. Weller 12 and Elmer T. Lee, this is true top-shelf bourbon. Give it a try with a good cigar-------you'll NOT be sorry.

    • 5
      2 October 2016

      Fine scotch whisky is a beautiful experience, whether it's peaty mellow flavour you prefer as I do, or the full on hairy chested granite infused rocket fuel. The fact is they need to be sipped with an accompanying Cuban cigar after a fine game meal enjoyed with a full bloodied merlot or naughty French Sauvignon. Bourbon however is the whisky you neck back on a night out, it's raw, it's raucous, it's a loud mouthed American burger munching uncouth libation........or is it? This bourbon has certainly broken the mould. It's smokey and smooth, it's Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Billie Holiday backed by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra.......if you've ever tried No7 or Jim Beam this is a Lamborghini compared to a Lara. Six stars I'm converted for sure........sadly I'm now looking at an empty bottle.

    • 5
      10 September 2016

      My first experience of bourbon whiskey - what an introduction. It's fantastically smooth, ideal night-cap. I'll just pour myself another. Thanks James.

    • 5
      13 July 2016

      The prince of Bourbons . Smooth and packs a mouthful of flavour . It's great neat , over rocks or sublime in an Old Fashioned cocktail

    • 5
      4 July 2016

      Moved away from Irish and Scottish single malts recently, tried Jd,Gentlemen Jack ,and some others - This is special, subtle, not over burning as it goes down. My new favourite.

    • 5
      28 May 2016

      Excellent so smooth, little bite, my friends thought a great choice. I will be getting more.

    • 5
      22 January 2016

      I can't drink my old friend Jack again after trying this Bourbon... The only Bourbon I've been able to sip without having to be a yearly treat.

    • 4
      20 January 2016

      Pleasantly surprised

    • 5
      27 December 2015

      Beautiful rich flavour with the depth of a single malt. I've been a whisky drinker for many years now and tend towards the heavily peated medicinal whiskey. I do like the bourbons but they tend to dissappear rather fast once the bottle is open. A good friend bought me this for Christmas and on opening the nose was intensely caramel with sweet overtones. glass later and it's definitely one to savour rather than chuck down your neck. It's got a lovely citrus balance on the tongue and the aftertaste is green leaves with hints of tobacco and liquorice. Highly recommended and I will definitely buy again

    • 5
      20 November 2015

      One of the best bourbons I've ever tried, especially in its price range. Very full-bodied and meaty.

    • 4
      16 November 2015

      Easy drinker, very full bodied

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