Aberlour A'bunadh
Batch 46

70cl / 60.4%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Aberlour A'bunadh / Batch 46
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Batch 46 of the increasingly popular full proof sherry monster from Aberlour, A'bunadh. This one follows close on the heels of batch 45 and promises the usual combination of active sherry cask maturation and punchy strength.

Distillery Bottling

Aberlour A'bunadh Reviews

7 Customer Reviews

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  • Nathan Emerson 21 January 2014

    The batch variation is a killer with the mighty Abunadh. Batch 45 was stupendous. I mean, it really was as good as all the reviews rave about. Batch 46 feels like a poor mans 45! It's not bad, but unbalanced and with a poor finish. 46 for me is really missing that lovely sherry and spicy oak balance that was so perfectly executed in 45. I'll be waiting for 47!

  • Sam McArthur 16 January 2014

    A fantastic dram I've had a couple of bottles of this now and it's well worth a try if your a fan of sherry and speyside whisky you should enjoy this, I preffer it with a touch of water a very strong and pleasently sweet dram.

  • jimbob 12 January 2014

    Outstanding cask strength speyside. Buckets of sherry, toffee and depth. Of course needs some water but not too much. Really incredible value for those who know how to treat a proper cash strength malt.

  • Anonymous 4 January 2014

    This does not compare well at all with the fantastic batch 45. Unpleasent soggy oak finish. Disappointing.

  • Anonymous 20 December 2013

    I was given a measure to try by a friend, but im afraid I couldn't drink it. Far too hot, felt like it was burning all the way down and that was with ice. I don't see the point in watering something down too much, you might aswell drink water. One for the single malt only crew I think, and i'll stick to bourbon.

  • Iain Reid 16 December 2013

    I'm surprised this only has one review at the time of writing, as A'bunadh has been extremely popular, even breaking the supermarket shelves - a space not popular for cask strength whiskies. But what does it taste like? Obviously very strong at 60%, and for most that means adding water. However it's no Wild Turkey. The taste is a deep sweet burnt chocolate, with a background of nutty and fruity notes like most sherry-based speysides. If that sounds good then do try it!

  • Stewie Ramone 13 December 2013

    A big whisky. Full on. Had to add water due to the massive ABV. Just treat your self to one.