Progressive Hebridean

Distillers Since 1881

Since Bruichladdich re-opened in 2001, it has turned its attention beyond simply making single malt Scotch whisky. Setting a course to be pioneers and change-makers, reconnecting the land and the dram, and making a commitment to the island and the community that the distillery relies on.



Unlike the majority of distilleries on the island of Islay, Bruichladdich’s core range is made without peat. Without the bold influence of smoke, the character of the barley is able to shine. Working closely with the farmers that grow the grain, Bruichladdich can trace its ingredients from farm to bottle and explore the changes in flavour between growing seasons.



Over the last few years, Bruichladdich has been working to reduce the packaging it uses, without compromising on quality and presentation. The latest step toward this goal is a bespoke outer wrap made from fully recyclable paper pulp, designed to reduce waste, for its 18-and-30-year-old single malts. The first of its kind in the whisky world, the eye-catching packaging proves that sustainable materials do not have to come at the expense of luxury products.

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