Johnnie Walker

London 2220

This limited-edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label offers a vision of a London that could be. The utopian cityscape created by digital artist Luke Hall is a sustainably-powered metropolis, traversed by aerial trains and filled with lightweight, geometric skyscrapers. As Johnnie Walker celebrates its bicentenary, this unique bottling looks forward to the next 200 years.

Cities of the Future

Welcome to the world of tomorrow

Each of the 10 bottles in this series depicts a different locale, including Taipei, Berlin and a future settlement on Mars. By scanning an NFC chip in the label, you are able to explore a vibrant society that has embraced new scientific developments to unlock humanity’s creative potential.

The ones who keep walking

200 Years in the Making

Inside the bottle is the classic Johnnie Walker Blue Label that has been the last word in luxury whisky since it first launched in 1992. Selected malt and grain whiskies from Scotland’s finest distilleries combine to create a complex profile of dried fruit, rose petals, dark chocolate and tobacco.

The Striding Man

Explore the Blue Label range

Each of these bottlings shows a different side of this beloved blend. They are all subtly different but share the same quality and refinement for which Johnnie Walker Blue Label is famous.