Hennessy Fine de Cognac

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Hennessy Fine de Cognac
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Hennessy's Fine de Cognac is a youthful blend pitched somewhere between VS and VSOP. This is a stylish Cognac equally at home in a quality cocktail or as a digestif. Excellent value for money.


Hennessy Fine de Cognac Reviews

21 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    7 May

    I had the unexpected pleasure of trying this Cognac in Barcelona last year. It is smooth, mellow and delicious.

  • 5
    30 November 2018

    Simply splendid

  • 5
    1 July 2018

    My Favorite!

  • 2
    6 February 2018

    I find the nose bland, lacking any depth. It smells and tastes young. A bit grassy, mono and after taste of tobacco not really keen to finish the rest of the bottle. Was looking forward to this after reading many positive reviews but for me it dissapoints. Back to the Armagnac it is.

  • 5
    1 July 2017

    Beautiful straight. So smooth, so relaxing, easily the best cognac I've ever had

  • 5
    29 April 2016

    I tried several more expensive cognacs, but still return to this one. Better than many XOs I tried. Sweet, round and smooth. Simply excellent.

  • 5
    3 February 2016

    A nice cognac, smell and easy to sip, always drink hennessy.

  • 5
    31 October 2014


  • 4
    11 August 2014

    has a very light and fruity smell without being sweet in taste. it goes down very smooth and has a taste quite different on the palate from the hennessy in the states. surprised by the price and will be adding this to the collection

  • 5
    9 July 2014

    This was an excellent Cognac. Smooth, full of fruity / floral character. For the price range it is without doubt the best Cognac I've tried and I've tried a lot if them. Hennessy is my favourite brand. Followed by Courvoisier, Remy then Martell.

  • Anonymous 24 September 2013

    This Cognac is quite a fine accompaniment to shortbread. It is light and floral. I find that it goes down best in an 'old pal' my favorite cocktail

  • Grateful customer from the USA 5 June 2013

    This along with the Pure White are two of the smoothest one could ask for. Most enjoyable selection, I feel, offered by Henny. I am sure all will enjoy this blend. One try and you too will agree with my review. I just simply enjoyed this fine drink. Wish it was offered in America for all to enjoy - would be a best seller hands down, bar none. Go out and try this blend and you to will enjoy it.

  • Anonymous 2 June 2013

    Lovely drink, Absolutely my favorite!

  • Matt 18 November 2012

    A very smooth and delicate cognac, my favourite cocktail is a sidecar and this cognac makes the best tasting ones I've had by far. It's also fantastic with a strong coffee.

  • Anonymous 31 July 2012

    very light, well rounded and smooth, surprisingly cheap considering the quality!

  • TRUSquad Bahamas 3 June 2012

    This one is very nice. I've never heard of it and came across it in England. Had to try it and I enjoyed it. Great taste as always expected from Hennessy. I'm from the Bahamas and this isn't available there. Hopefully it will be soon

  • Anonymous 3 December 2011


  • Anonymous 30 November 2011

    I'm not a heavy drinker but I really enjoyed this. Very light and not harsh.

  • Jake 22 November 2011

    after trying it, i agree with the previous review - very floral, light and a nice change! very happy!

  • Anonymous 28 October 2011

    its very very light and smooth...a very floral nose..very different and very very nice

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