Glenfiddich Grand Cru

A dram for toasting

To create this unique 23-year-old whisky, Glenfiddich master blender Brian Kinsman sources casks from winemakers in northeast France. For many years these French oak vessels have been used to make the base wines that would later become sparkling wine. When filled with long-aged Glenfiddich single malt, they impart a delicate creaminess, along with familiar notes of freshly-baked brioche and citrus. Glenfiddich Grand Cru is a great whisky for toasting those special occasions.

Tasting Notes

Caroline Roddis (The Whisky Exchange)

    • Nose

      Soft lemon and pink lady apple notes sit alongside a heavier creaminess. Marzipan and honey brioche follow. The apple becomes more intense with time, picking up grapes, floral honey and the merest hint of red fruits along the way.

    • Palate

      Oily. Sweet, honeyed fruits and a rush of cream, then baked apple tart with extra apple skins and flecks of spice. The sweet nuttiness from the nose is present too.

    • Finish

      Dry and short, with notes of hazelnuts, brioche and honeysuckle.

The Grand Range

After more than a century in the whisky business, the team at Glenfiddich continues to make bold choices. The Grand Range continues the work started by the Glenfiddich Gran Reserva, bringing in the Grand Cru and Grand Couronne to create a varied collection that’s focused on celebration. There’s much more to Glenfiddich than you might realise.

About Glenfiddich:

Valley of the Deer

When William Grant laid the foundations for his distillery in 1886, he had no big investors to back him – all he had was his modest savings and abundant self-belief. Spirit first ran in the stillhouse he built on Christmas Day the following year and it has barely stopped since. By the early 20th century Grant’s whisky was drunk as far afield as the United States and Australia. In the 1960s Glenfiddich emerged as a brand in its own right and it reigns now as the world’s bestselling single malt.

The distillery remains family owned and retains Mr Grant’s pioneering spirit to this day.

Six Questions

with Brian Kinsman

In 2017 Whisky Exchange Ambassador Billy Abbott sat down with Brian Kinsman, the Glenfiddich malt master responsible for all the distillery’s award-winning whiskies, to quiz him about all things Glenfiddich.