Berentzen Apfelkorn House Party Gift Pack

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Berentzen Apfelkorn House Party Gift Pack
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Berentzen Apple is a hugely popular authentic German apple schnapps made by blending neutral wheat spirit with apple juice and sweetening the mixture. This set comes with an 'après-ski' board game – avoid the obstacles to reach the ski hut first!
Special Instructions


Unfold the board and place the ice cube in the middle. Put together the ski-game pieces and chose a colour. Keep the après-skihut card separate. Shuffle the other cards, make a pile and put the après-skihut card at the bottom. Whoever has the highest score playing dice starts.

How does it work

Place your game piece at the start of the piste. Move your piece according to your score on the dice. You can only pick a card if you end up at a “Berentzen” logo or a 1/2 card symbol and attach this to the board. This way you lengthen the route. There are 52 playing cards, which create a dazzling piste.

The winner is the person who, despite all the obstacles, is the first one the end up at the après-skihut card.

If the score on the dice is higher than the number of spaces left to move, you have to move backwards instead!

Boards and cards

The board and cards have corresponding symbols. This is because the cards are an extension of the board. If your piece ends up at one of the symbols below, then follow the instructions:

2* Card: Take two cards and extend the route of the board.
Mole: Go underground and come up at the next molehill.
Berentzen Logo: Pick a card and extend the route of the board
Glacier: Descend with your snowboard; this will shorten your route.
Ski lift up: Descend; this will shorten your route.
Ski lift down: Too bad! You have to go back up.
Dice: You can roll the dice again.
Boulder: Boulders are blocking you way. Wait a turn.
Helicopter: Ouch! Ouch! You broke something; you have to go back to the start.
Tunnel (2 cards): Go through the tunnel to the other end of the tunnel. Only if the other end is there already. If not, ignore this symbol.
Slide: Caution! Surfaces may be slippery, wait a turn.
Goat: Cattle on the route, wait a turn
Key map:Hharmless, but you can determine the route
Apres ski hut: If you are the one to arrive here first, YOU WIN!

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    2 November 2017

    Yes, I tasted this whilst a Sqauddie serving in Germany for HM Army, I ordered it all by myself in the local German lingo, the taste blew my buds open wide and was great as a "chaser", after drinking a Hanen Alt oder grosse Pils (Ale or lager) :o)