Ginkgo Japanese Whisky

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  • Japanese Blended Whisky
Ginkgo Japanese Whisky
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This is a beauty - a vatted malt using single malt from various Japanese distilleries, blended by Ichiro Akuto, formerly of Hanyu. Also known as Chrysanthemum in Japan. Deliciously smooth and smoky.

Ginkgo Japanese Whisky Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Dr Whisky

    Slightly solvent initially, nailpolish, that opens up with floral aromas up high and sweet butter down low. Edinburgh rock. Clean and grainy with some citrus, plums, plastic bags and envelope glue. Water unleashes more breadiness and citrus, grapefruit (not pink) skin, and the harder solventy edges dissipate.

    Rich, toasty, charming... with a dark side. Burnt sugar, toffeed, malty sweetness, some fruitiness in the form of apples, but generally oaky and toasty. Some smoke comes forward late in the development, especially accented by the addition of water. Minutes later there is a herbal, floral element that still lingers.

  • Tasting Notes from (Gavin D. Smith)

    Initial mild, acetone notes on the nose soon give way to sweet and floral characteristics, with vanilla essence, delicate spices and mandarin oranges.

    The palate is medium-bodied, sweet and fruity, with a spicy, smoky, citric edge. Water releases more spices and vanilla.

    The finish is long and smoky, with a hint of barley sugar. Japanese whisky at its best – with characteristic complexity, balance, and elegance. Delicious!

    Whisky of the Month November 2007.

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