Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old
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Johnnie Walker Black Label's iconic square bottle makes it one of the world's most recognisable Scotch whiskies - and it's also one of whisky critic Jim Murray's favourite blends: 'If there is a silkier delivery on the market today, I have not seen it: this is sublime of the world's most masterful whiskies back in all its complex glory'


Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Nose: Rich dried fruits from the European oak sherry casks. 

    Palate: Hints of smooth creamy toffee linger on the tip of your tongue.

    Finish: A sophisticated, smoky finish - the signature of all Johnnie Walker blends.

  • Tasting Notes by Mark Gillespie, World Whiskies Awards 2012

    Nose: Soft and complex with touches of toasted oak, honey, coconut, and figs.

    Palate: Spicy with a nice allspice note on top and caramel syrup sweetness underneath.

    Finish: Hints of lemon-lime citrus develop later, and last through the long finish.

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  • 2
    2 days ago

    I normally drink Black Label but later started having Double Black which seemed even better and became my choice. However, lately I found a weird taste in Double Black on account of which I did not enjoy the drink and as such am disappointed with this development.

  • 5
    3 days ago

    ''If there is a silkier delivery on the market today, I have not seen it: this is sublime of the world''s most masterful whiskies back in all its complex glory''

  • 5
    9 days ago

    deep heather nose....continues onto the palate then transforms into a well balance, mellow sweetness. finishes floral, not herbal. a slight tingle, not burn as it fades gently. not really getting the smoke...which is actually great (at least with this well-crafted blend)

  • 5
    4 January

    Nice and tasty whisky...

  • 4
    23 December 2014

    Got into whiskey about 2 years ago and this has been on my list to try. Bought a bottle today, on offer at my local supermarket and i''m not disappointed. Sweet arrival, very smooth no burn finish then a campfire fire aftertaste which lingers on the throat. Very Good, will buy again

  • 4
    15 October 2014

    I have tried a wide variety of whiskies; Irish, Scottish, Kentucky, etc, etc. I've had my fair share of plain, I've also had my fair share of exquisite, namely single malt. I remember saying to myself, it's a hard task to find an enjoyable blended whisky, and it is, but the search has found this little gem amongst a pile of rubble, this drink won't burn the throats of beginners, and yet it will still live up to the needs and expectations of the most experienced whisky drinkers. I find the drink to slide down my throat, as if it were silk, then the taste hits you, and it's smoky, then you are left with a delicious aftertaste of that renowned whisky taste. A true classic. If you're considering to buy this beverage, expect a smoky smell, mixed with the obvious sherry casks, expect a smoky taste, expect a drink which can proudly stand above other blended whiskys. Expect to fall in love with the first nip.

  • 5
    16 August 2014

    All around excellent go-to blend. Not too sweet, full-flavored, slightly smokey, with a crisp floral aftertaste.

  • 14 April 2014

    I mostly drank single malts.. until I tried JW Black Label. Hands down my favourite scotch. It's my "go to" whisky. I've had whisky at five times the price but for me nothing compares to this. A fantastic blend. Always have a bottle in the cupboard. 10/10.

  • 29 March 2014

    This, and the double black JW, happen to be my favorite blends. Its a good starter to get you into the intense peaty whiskies of Islay (pronounced I-La)and Skye. This is a good Christmastime dram, think roasted chestnuts and eggnog with nutmeg. I also recommend if you liked Black Label: Talisker 10, Lagavulin 16, Laphraoig 10, Oban 10, and Glenlivet 15, and 18. Because mellow scotches are for lasses.

  • 23 May 2013

    What a blend! Star of the JW range and can be compared even even with the best single malts. I don't care much about blends because of low quality, but this is one is unique. My agony is that this could so much more with 46 %, no color added etc, but we all know JW will never, never, do it.

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