Jack Daniel's Monogram

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  • Tennessee Whiskey
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Rare, unusually-shaped high-strength bottling in a natty leather case. This was redesigned in 2004 for the Asian Market.

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  • 5
    18 March 2018

    It's really really great

  • 5
    15 November 2016

    I bought two of these several years ago, drank one and kept one. Beautiful tasting whisky.

  • 4
    12 July 2016

    Back in 04 I managed to secure two of these precious bottles for the sum of 80 quid. At the time I thought it steep but I liked the bottle design. I drank one back in 05, and I remember it been really nice, but I put the 2nd one at the back and bottom of the cabinet and forgot about it and glad I did. I don't intend to sell but when the times right I'm going to drink it. That's what whisky (whiskey) is made for and we can't take it with us.

  • 5
    3 November 2015

    Bought 3 of bottles consumed one it was great best whiskey I have ever tasted.

  • 5
    25 June 2015

    Still have my 2004 unopened, bought on the way out of SFO...glad I kept it...not for the hike in monetary value...but instead for its apparent rarity...

  • 5
    8 June 2015

    I had a bottle i drank it on my 40th 7year ago it was exceptional

  • 5
    2 January 2015


  • 5
    30 December 2014

    I bought my house 8 years ago and celebrated with downing 5 JD Monograms thank god I have kept 2 of them , but it was a great time for all - a totally different level of intoxication .

  • 4
    9 December 2014

    a bit strong for my taste, by very nice. Paid 30euros 7 years ago, gutted its worth so much now its nearly gone!

  • 5
    25 November 2014

    bought a bottle in Singapore about 8 years ago for about ?40. Obviously drunk it, am now gutted! was delicious though

  • Anonymous 15 May 2014

    I bought 4 bottles in 2008 at hk airport, now I have two left. Price is up to $1,000, it is not important, the taste is so smooth. I hope the company shall release some to the market. The bottle is classic .

  • Anonymous 9 April 2014

    The Best tasting whiskey I ever Drank. Period. I live in TNM and picked it up at the Distillery. Did not realize at the time how special it was.

  • J.B 3 December 2012

    I brought my bottle in 1998 from Hawaii was going to open it on my 40th but now not sure!!

  • Adam - Australia 5 November 2012

    I made the mistake of not buying 2! I got mine in December 2009 and its still unopened, im to scared to open it! perhaps on my 30th... im 27 in a week... :(

  • GLEN BOSS 1 25 January 2012

    got mine from the states, just cant bring myself to open it. such a lovely bottle just waiting for the right moment,maybe my 60th? but until then i'll keep on sipping the cheap one lol bout 39 so far since dec 10

  • Anonymous 24 November 2011

    I bought my bottle in 2009 in Tennessee in the USA, Its now in Australia, Un-opened!!! I just dont know when to taste it!!!

  • Anonymous 23 May 2011

    this is one of my faves, got a bottle in Hong kong for £40 back in 2008......drunk most and have a little tipple left......had no idea it would go up in price this much

  • Anonymous 23 November 2010

    if you have a bottle why keep it this is lovely life is too short who knows what will happen tomorrow don't be a f*nny drink it now have been through about 5 bottles now buy it when I have the spare cash

  • Rob Delany 1 October 2010

    I bought a bottle of this on the way home from Aus in Hong Kong. It was delicious. Didn't realise how much they're worth. If you have some try it don't keep it. Really nice.

  • Esky (Leeds) 4 August 2010

    Stumbled across one of these in Auckland airport on a stopover to Oz back in 1999. It travelled around Oz and then back through Asia to the UK untouched. Still waiting for that special occasion to crack it open!

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