Forest Dry Gin Summer

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Forest Dry Gin Summer
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Forest Dry Summer Gin is a seasonal variation made with bergamot grown near the distillery in Antwerp, Sicilian blood oranges, and ginger. The signature serve is with tonic, ice, a slice of blood orange and ginger zest – a refreshing summer drink.

Forest Dry Gin Summer Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Stuart P

    Nose: Big blast of citrus! Lovely fresh, clean notes from the blood orange, while the ginger adds zingy aromatic spiciness. Juniper and coriander seed adds a subtle earthiness, but this is all about the citrus. Clean and precise, with a hint of lemon freshness.

    Palate: Zesty orange comes through first, but quickly followed by the ginger, bringing spicy warmth. Great balance between freshness and spiciness.

    Finish: Clean, poised and precise, with the ginger leaving a pleasant warmth across the palate.

    Comment: What’s great about this gin is the purity of flavour. The orange is clean and fresh; the ginger warm and spicy, while the bergamot delivers structure and earthiness – a perfect summer gin. With tonic, the orange comes through just as strongly; a great partnership.

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: Spicy juniper and a big hit of rich orange to start – distinctly blood orange, with its sharp edges and thick sweetness. Behind that, things get a bit more fragrant, with Earl Grey tea and coriander seed, as well as lemon oil and ground spice.

    Palate: Thick, rich and spicy, with nutmeg, earthy juniper and sticky liquorice. Citrus notes provide structure, with orange and lemon giving freshness and zingy fruitiness, but spice rules the day.

    Finish: Very fragrant, with the Earl Grey and coriander from the nose lingering on the palate.

    Comment: A complex and impressive gin, with a keen balance of spice and citrus. It's heavy enough to stand up to tonic and I think it would make a very good Martini – there's enough going on that some lengthening with dilution would work, even when chilled to be very, very cold.

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